How To Clean House with Beauty Equipment


Always wondered how to keep the furniture in the house that always looks clean and shiny? Various tips may never try, but do you know that the equipment contained in the dressing table it can clean the furniture in the house well?

Not only that, some equipment beauty that you normally use it also can be used to repair various types of items in the home. Curious?

Nail polish

Whether in the sink or on the floor of the house there is a small crack? If so, remove your nail polish collection and find a color closer to that section. Cat in part to cover cracks. Now you can save money and use the money for other purposes.


A pair of new shoes make your feet blisters usually if the new wear. Hot Tips to avoid this, use deodorant and rubbing on the inside of shoes, especially in places prone to blisters. Deodorant will protect the feet become soft so avoid blisters.

Hair straightener

A hair straighteners can not only be used to straighten the hair, but also can be used to straighten the clothing section which are difficult to reach. When ironing clothes, use these hair straighteners at the collar or bending pants.

Beard trimmers

If you have warm clothes whose color began to fade, use a beard trimmer disposable and slowly pull it over the shirt. This shaver can make your sweater looks new again.

Shaving cream

Heavy cream used to shave it not only can smooth shave results but also can remove stains on your favorite shirt.

If you have a white T-shirt and there are stubborn stains, apply this cream to taste at the stain. Let stand a few minutes then wipe with a rag. The Stains will disappear with shaving cream.


A toothpaste will not only make your teeth look sparkling but it will also make gold jewelry and antiques became glistening back.

Apply toothpaste on the objects and rub with a cloth rag. Do not use silver cutlery because it will actually cause stains.

Clear nail polish

Buttons on a clothes often apart and disappear because maybe we pull it too hard when linking. There are effective and easy way to keep these studs remain in place, namely by applying colored nail polish clear at the top of the studs and yarn.


A hairspray containing alcohol are usually used for hair, but pregnancy it can be used to remove stains on leather equipment, furniture, and even clothing. Spray it over and over so the stains disappear by itself.

Easy Ways to Clean Curtains at Home


The curtains are not only maintain the privacy and contents of the house from the outside world, but also framing the windows and complement your home decor. But unfortunately, the curtain tends to absorb odors from the area around the home, such as cooking smells from the kitchen and smoke.

Besides, have you ever noticed the dust from the curtains in the last few months? Must be very thick. Be careful because the dust can damage the health. So, do not ignore the cleanliness of the curtain.

Ideally, you need to clean the blinds once in three months. The curtains that had been cleaned will make the house become brighter while keeping the freshness of the air inside and outside the home.

Here are four things to consider to keep the blinds are kept clean and in good condition.

Using a steam iron

If your curtains made of material that is heavy and difficult derived from the hook, you could use a steam iron to clean it. Previously, use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt, then use a steam iron to reduce the smell.

Using the washing machine

Depending on the curtain material, if the material is cloth you can clean with a washing machine. If your washing machine has several options settings, select the setting wash slowly.

If you are worried about the blinds will be damaged, use a washing machine just to wash curtains made from lightweight and not curtains made of heavy tend to hold water.

Wash by hand

Wash curtains by hand sometimes be a safer option to avoid damaging the curtain material. You can use commonly used detergent or detergent softer for special materials, for example fabric lace and velvet.

Use plain water or cold water, not hot water for washing. Make sure the detergent completely miscible with water before immersing the curtain in the bucket. Wash gently and rinse thoroughly.

Drying the curtain

After washing the curtains using a washing machine or simply by hand, how dry it?

Do not be tempted to put curtains in the dryer and think that this will shorten the drying process. There is a possibility curtain will tangle when dried in the machine.

A better way to dry the curtain is hung on the home page, but keep it away from direct sunlight. If possible, hanging in a windy place. Allow the blinds to dry naturally.

3 Tips Small Room Decorating Your Home

home decor

The size of a small house need not limit your creativity in decorating. Here are some decorating tips that you can do on a small-sized house.

The beauty of the house does not depend on the size of the house. The small house can be beautiful and comfortable if you are clever in maximizing space. To that end, here are three important tips in decorating a small room to make it look more spacious.

1. Consider furniture

In accordance with the physical condition of the rooms were small, in choosing furniture is important for you to watch. The rooms were small need smaller furniture or lighter when compared to the large house.

This time you have to resist the urge others like you want to install a large sofa, a table that is too large, or a large bed. You’ll want to choose furniture multipurpose.

We have had a lot of furniture such as beds underneath serves as storage drawers, cabinets can be a desk, or a door that could be a bookcase. In essence, you are keen to combine as much as possible spot into a function room and furniture.

2. Pay attention to decor

In addition to the furniture, around the decoration of the room is also very important to make the seemingly spacious room. For example, use a glass or mirror that can reflect light. Few tips, you can put a glass or a mirror on the wall near the bed sleeping.

Another tip, use curtains high and over the ends of the window sills. This trick is also intended to make your room look spacious. Finally, use of natural lighting, not too many accents and ornaments.

3. Pay attention to the color and pattern design

Playing in a choice of colors and design patterns is also important to decorate a small space. Avoid dark colors that dominate the election. Therefore, the effect of dark colors make a room look smaller. So, just use a dark color as an accent color only. For example used for the murals on the walls.

The use of accent strip or paint lines used in the walls of your home can also give the impression of broad and high ceiling of the house. Few tips before you paint, choose the same color. Especially for the ceiling of the room you could use a bit of bright colors such as white or beige.

Color or textured coating can also still apply. But the record does not dominate the room. Give the impression of contrast with a variety of bright colors and matching the base color texture earlier.

Important notes when they want to make a pattern on a small room, is still considering a ratio of 2: 1 with the understanding the two patterns to small scale or texture with a pattern that is a bit thick to add to the appeal.

Feels Narrow house? This might cause!

Care synthetic leather for furniture

Have you been playing to his neighbor’s house and feel more comfortable and roomy than your home? In fact, the same size with the size of your home. The interior was not much different.

If you have this then you would have to guess if your neighbors are doing renovations to transform her house that became more widespread.

Well, before you plan to do renovations, first check the cause why your home feels congested and narrow.

Everything was matching

Sofa, carpets, curtains, sofa cushions to have a matching color. Besides giving the impression of a dull, matching color will make the room feel cramped because everything feels as if fused.

Blending the colors do not have to make the whole of the same color, but can also use a motive. Plain color can be used for the sofa and walls, but curtains and carpets nothing wrong with using patterned.

TV is too big

Admit it you’ll be pleased with the large-sized TV. The problem is, if your home is narrow, then your walls so monopolized by the size of the TV. Moreover, the TV also reflect light that makes your eyes become less comfortable.

So adjust the size of the TV with the extent of your room. Besides TV that is too large will also reflect a very loud noise and cause an uncomfortable echo in your home.

Wallpaper dark color

Dark colors is a trend this year. But this does not mean you can change the whole wall goes dark. Dark colors like maroon, dark green or dark blue will absorb the light, make the room dark and cramped.

If indeed you are interested in applying a dark wall color, choose one side only, while others leave brightly colored walls.

The window is too small

A small window makes the house became too closed so that you will feel crushed because they can not see the environment outside the home. Try to have a long window and use blinds that reach the lower end of the window.

Long curtains are opened with draped to the side will look more beautiful than the curtains were opened by rolled up.

Didn’t notice the size of the goods

If your house is minimalist with an area that is also limited, do not use big furniture-especially if the furniture is hand-me-down from your parents are usually large and old-fashioned.

Check back the size of your room and choose furniture that is appropriate. Delish has a small furniture such as cabinets, so limit the number of items you’d like to spend given the limited capacity of the wardrobe.

7 Tips for narrow rooms to make it more useful

Creating solutions Ventilation in place Narrow

Not everyone is lucky to have a wide occupancy. Limited financial leverage is usually a major constraint. However, narrow house or apartment can be transformed into a comfortable dwelling. Creativity utilizing vertical furnishings and every room in the house can be a solution.

Consider the seven tips you can do to turn the interior design of a house or apartment is small.

Create Angle Wall Shelves

Look around the house, you may be surprised at some corner of a room that is not used optimally. Create installation rack ‘floating’ (bottom rack will not touch the floor).

Shelf model is not only going to increase storage space, but also presents an interesting visual to beautify the room.

Towels in the Rear Door Hangers

Do not forget the small space behind the door. The door can be used as a perfect place to hang towels without having to use a wall in the bathroom.

Thus, the room where the towels will not make the bathroom more narrow. Consider part of the door to be closed perfectly, to prevent rod towel rack banged up falling.

Large mirrors

The large mirror can completely change the perspective of a room. Not only will provide additional light, the mirror will also give the illusion of a room look larger than it actually is. Select a mirror with unique frame to give accent to your room.

Keep towels in Wall

Utilizing the existing space. Do not leave the walls empty and not in use, especially in small bathrooms.

Create a storage area that is fast, easy and light. Use baskets and governance in the image to store your towels.

Wall Information

Create one wall in your home into one place information with each family member can view the calendar, menu what to eat, or special notes to make you stay organized family activities.

To make it, you just need a place to install the wall as a blackboard that contains all the information.

Create Storage above sink

You have a limited set of drawers and a table to store personal belongings? Make a simple wooden shelf and plug in the wall above the sink. Make sure you use a waterproof pad in the bottom of the rack from becoming damp.

The curtains as a room divider

If you are sharing a room room with your kids, consider using curtains as room dividers with them. This can also be done in studio type apartment for separating the living room to the bedroom. The curtains be a good solution if you do not want to change the shape of the building.