10 Idea Wall Paint Color Combinations House

home wall paint color combinations

Houses with a design according to our desires of course is a dream house for everyone. The design is minimalistic but luxurious look and comfortable is a dream house searched many people.

The house is said to great when good design, full furnishings, complete facilities in the home, including the house wall paint used was in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner and quality.

Talking about home wall paint, for any homeowner is very important because of the color determines how the home and the concept of the house as a whole. There are some tips on choosing a paint color for the walls of the house facade.

Color facade or facade of the house is an important element considered. Color selection is certainly a very influential eg dark color to absorb heat between 70-90% of the solar radiation, while the bright colors can reflect some of the sunlight away from home. Here are some tip;

  1. Check the color of the roof tiles or your home. If the tile is grayed out then you are free to choose any color for the facade of the house. Why? because gray is a neutral color.
  2. Pay attention to the interior of the house. If the interior of the house colored creams, do not select the gray on the facade. As this would create disharmony colors at once discomfort when entered into the house.
  3. If a part of the facade of your house using natural stone, it is noteworthy harmony of color paint with natural stone.
  4. Do not use house paint colors that are too dark or bright. Remember that the exterior of the house is vulnerable to changes in both hot and cold weather.
  5. If there is a large field that is empty, you can use different colors darker. Or you can create textures such as stripes or a rougher texture that the walls of the house is different from the others.
  6. You must be observant and patient in determining the color of the wall paint the right house. Do not rush, adjust to schemes dream home you want.
  7. You have to understand the basic colors to choose the right paint walls. Note the primary colors, secondary and tertiary colors to create a good combination.

Examples of Wall Paint Color Combinations House

Combination of Black, White and Grey

Black is a neutral color and fit combined with any color. For this application we recommend using the color gray color on the porch and another wall with white polish. The use of black can be at the top of the mast or pole home.

Combination Black and White

This color combination is already used very often because the house will seem calm and resolute. You can also apply a combination of both of these colors are on the walls of houses painted white while at the poles and border walls of the house are given black color. Although only a combination of two colors but still seem luxurious and beautiful. If necessary can add decorations of natural stone on the walls of the house.

House Paint Color Purple Wall

Colors are often called color is also good widow applied to the color of the house. The purple color will give the impression of calm, gentle, and friendly. If you intend to make this color as an option it can also combine bright purple and dark purple. Dark purple applied to the side walls of the lower and upper walls wearing a bright purple color.