Katsumata Centre, School Building Most Advanced Century!

katsumata centre

Katsumata Centre is one of the building which is part of the school complex Kardinia International College in Australia. This building was used as an indoor sports facility at the same time performing arts theater for students.

This unique building is named Katsumata Centre as a tribute to Mr. Yoshimaro Katsumata as the founder and benefactor of this school. Even in this building, there is a special room that is used as a place to display various kinds of memorial about him, like his sculptures, poems hand-written Japanese language him, and biographical information about him.

This building was planned and built by James Deans and Associates Architects in Australia. They managed to complete this multifunctional building with highly advanced technology. In accordance with the modern school culture and innovative, the building was finally built with a contemporary polygonal shape is very futuristic and imaginative. Look at the glass building systems are so complex that it could result in the buildings that are aesthetically very striking as it is.

Glass system is made in such a way turned out to have an important goal and not just as ornate decoration. Buildings that deliberately facing the West, aimed to get maximum sunlight to save electric energy during the day, but because the sun can make the room hot, the system is constructed of glass made winding and use the size is very thick glass to avoid entry the heat is too oppressive.

Other advanced technologies that may make visitors astonished wonder is the seat mechanical systems found in the theater. Due to limited land, space for Indoor Sports and Theater finally put together in a spacious room big enough. This is because the need for extensive indoor sports room and a spacious theater equally compulsory realized.

But if the room Indoor Sports and Theatre used interchangeably, management and preparation of the seating for the purposes of the theater will be very time consuming and energy-consuming, especially theater that will be built to be able to accommodate up to 1500’s pupil. This makes the architects use an electronic folding seating system that can be opened and folded back to the wall automatically in just 15 minutes.

In addition to room facilities Indoor Sports and Theatre Arts broad as its primary function, the building Katsumata Centre also provides additional classrooms, dressing rooms, office space, and audio-visual room.

Another technology used building include automated lighting system uses sensors -where the new lamp will light up when the sunlight into the room perceived lack of, the system automatically collecting and storing water, temperature regulation system uses evaporative technology or automatic evaporation, and the wall made soundproof.