a dining room and an artistic classic style

The dining room is a special room for the residents to have a certain sense of nostalgia together as a family. The dining room also cozy and warm atmosphere implies the dinner table. That is the cause that the design of the house needs to be considered carefully so that it reflects the right atmosphere. Here is a classic inspiration and artistic dining room that can be your choice:

1. Nuance Red Blue

This is a traditional dining room, luxurious and elegant, show class and style. It is decorated with blue and red colors and materials used have such a rich texture of blue velvet chairs and embroidery. The round table also shows the center of classical art in the dining room. Curtain in red and blue chair and come to complete the same hue on the walls. Red shades of blue this provides comfort and warmth in the family.

2. Shades Pastel

The second option could also be your choice which pastel colors. Coupled with a decorative little flowers that give the impression of a fresh and soft. There are hardwood floors with natural wood table combined with white chairs and a cabinet, flowery patterns on white tablecloths and flowers nice park in a simple vase in the middle of the table. Everything is serene and nice and peace flows in the water.

3. Shades of Black and White

This is a combination of modern yet classic colors that never cracked swallowed era. Black and white are neutral also be a combination commensurate to your dining room area. As if giving a minimalist style chosen for the walls, doors, windows and furniture neat black. The chair is a combination of black and white in order not to bring too gloomy atmosphere. Made a little soft overall tone with natural wood floors.