Using Pattern Lines For Your Interior

line pattern lines to the interior, the impression of a pattern of horizontal lines

Want to give it a classic look with a striped pattern on the interior of the house? But who would have thought that the trend is now back stripey motif. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines it suitable for use in the walls of your home? To be sure, in addition to making the wall so much life, the lines will make decorating accent stronger if you choose the furniture and colors that blend right.

Vertical lines are displayed in different colors will add visual appeal on your furniture. The pattern of lines on the walls and floors can divert the eyes of visitors to the top of the room, so as to give the impression of the bottom of the room were filled with lots of furniture. Pattern of vertical stripes on the walls of the room can also provide structural regularity in the room playing children who often look messy.

Although the pattern of stripes can create the impression brave, the overall effect can be obtained with the use of soft colors. Enlarge the size of the lines that are used can also help, because the larger the size of the lines that are used, the more relaxed atmosphere brought about, especially if the lines are made using such soft pastel colors combined with white.

Colored stripes in black, brown, gray, navy blue combined with white can give a masculine atmosphere and firmly on your room, so the room will look bold and beautiful give the impression.

If you want to make an impression playful and cheerful in the room, can be used horizontally rainbow effect on the walls of the room. Thick horizontal stripes will also make a small space appear larger and become widespread. It is suitable for decorating the children’s playroom.

To avoid the atmosphere of boring because too many lines, keep the decor striped decor juxtaposed with other neutral plain or patterned, such as wood furniture or furniture one color simple. In this way, paint the walls or furniture with striped pattern will remain visible stand without the headache of the beholder.

Four Ways Smart repay a home

smart way home installments

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. For those who have excess money, was purchased in cash will be more profitable.

However, for those who depend on monthly salary, repay a home is an easy step to owning their own home.

Repay a home, does not mean to spend your salary each month. Not funny if every month is left only the paycheck, while almost all of the money you spent on the mortgage.

Here are tips on home financing installments

  •  The total amount of loan repayment should not exceed 1/3 of the revenue, so the cost of daily operations is not compromised.
  •  If the income is less enough, then great installment could commuted by extending credit. Eg from 5 years to 10 years.
  • Remember, banks only help 80% of the value of Appraisal home. You have to prepare the remaining 20% ​​as a down payment (DP) + 10% more to pay the notary fees and taxes. Prepare this fund by saving 1-3 years earlier. For faster, concentrate bonus, THR, and your additional income for these savings.
  •  If possible, Negotiate with the owner of the house so that you can pay in installments DP anyway.

How to build a garden above roof

Build a garden on the roof

To help prevent or reduce the speed of global warming, adding a green open space with a garden on the roof of houses, buildings, hotels and offices is one of the effective ways. Although the conditions of the urban region largely filled by multi-storey buildings, the designers had to create a green open space to add plants that have been taken over when the building was built. By creating a garden on the roof, high-rise buildings can still have a green open space, because there is space efficiency. Garden on the roof or roof garden is as an alternative reforestation to improve the quality big city environmental health. Currently, only some five-star hotel in Jakarta which has a garden on the roof or roof garden.

Making the garden on the roof or roof garden is not cheap and need structure and specific roof construction. Even for optimal results, the construction of a roof for the park in the design from the beginning, before the building was constructed. However, this investment can come back in a few years later, because the cost of electricity is reduced air conditioning, as well as building economic value added.

A private hospital in Singapore managed to reduce electricity consumption by 50 percent, after a garden on the roof or roof garden. Although the roof garden was just a tomato plant, which is placed in the pot to cover the entire roof. Another advantage, the hospital did not have to buy tomatoes again.

In addition to the shade, garden on the roof or roof garden can also be used to absorb toxic gases. For example, bamboo or palm can absorb formaldehyde gas and gasoline. While the lily plant, in addition to absorbing the formaldehyde gas and gasoline, as well as alcohol and acetone produced paint and so on. Vines also serves to absorb gases acetate, ammonia, and other gases. Because of this function, the vines have been used for a garden on the roof or roof garden in foreign countries like Singapore and Japan.

How to build a garden above roof

Before making a rooftop garden, first consider the construction of the roof of the building. Is it designed to support the burden of growing media such as land and trees will be planted on it or not. Because the garden on the roof or roof garden. must be supported structure and strong roof construction.

The existence of a garden on the roof or roof garden will cause increasing burden. Heaps of soil and plants will increase the dead load, wind load, and the additional burden of water on the roof of the building. The building must have a drainage system that works well.

If the types of shrubs to be planted, he takes into account the load of the roof will add approximately 650 Kg / m2. Plus more for live load according to activity on the roof garden. For example, 400 Kg / m2 for sports, 500 Kg / m2 to party and dance, as well as 250 Kg / m2 for restaurants.

To plant a large tree, the location of the floor slab should be supported concrete structural columns so that plates do not collapse. In addition, retaining wall needs to be made because the trees require adequate soil thickness, or make a hole in the roof of a building, under a tree.

Construction leak-prone roofs, so it must be equipped with drainage channels. Drainage layer such as gravel, sand, pumice and should be added so that water easily flows into the drain hole. Filters are made of geo-textile or fibers serves to drain water down but retains granular soil from clogging the drain.

To prevent damage to the waterproof coating or water proof layer, a barrier layer must be added to the plant roots do not damage the waterproof coating and the concrete underneath. Because the plants on the roof exposed to direct sunlight and the wind faster, watering should be done regularly. So it needs water spraying can be done manually or automatically.

For the planting medium, the formula should be light but have the ability to provide nutrients and moisture. For example, by mixing sand with wood shavings plus a layer of pine bark and manure. Depth of planting medium for grass requires 20 to 30 centimeters, as well as cover crops. Meanwhile, shrubs and small trees require a depth of 60-105 centimeters. Big trees need a depth of almost 2 meters.