Know the Wall Sticker!

motif Wall sticker

What the heck wall sticker? roughly when was the last time you collect stickers? Childhood or during adolescence? For some people, collect the stickers could be its own hobbies and passions. Even now, papered the walls with stickers can make the room appear more different! Well stickers are usually called the wall sticker.

What is clear, do not worry because the possibility of installing wall stickers peeling paint coating effect when the sticker is removed. Obviously, you have walls painted with wall paint instead of watercolor. Then, just select its own sticker like what you want. Motif are available ranging from natural shades, shapes bookcase, cups, teapots, a collection of birds and others.

Then how to attach this wall sticker?

Make sure the surface of the wall or the material to be affixed to the sticker price (flat). Also make sure that the surface of the wall and the sticker completely clean. By way of laps the wall with a dry cloth to clean. The goal is that the sticker can stick well on a dry surface.

Customize the shape and color of stickers with furniture and rooms. For example to the living room, you can choose a sticker nuanced trees, flowers, plants, bulbs, and others. And for a family room, a bird-shaped stickers, people, or plants can also be an option.