Shown Stylish & Chic Bathroom Interior with Color

look stylish bathroom

Look stylish and chic fashion is not just a matter right? The bathroom can also look stylish! One is a collection Mimo Laufen bathroom triggered by an interior designer. Quoted in his personal website, bathroom culture that had stood since 1892 is more simple to apply, from furniture design to the layout of the room.

Such as Laufen collection named Mimo’s, the bathroom in a simple design. Look stylish and chic with pink applications as well as a touch of neutral colors black and white. Design collection is intentionally made Laufen Mimo for girls.

Laufen created three sets of elegance to enjoy and inspire. The design implies a modern minimalist style with tiled asymmetrical features and easy to clean surfaces. And the more impressive, furniture by Laufen’s Mimo include anti-scratch furniture, made of recycled material that can guarantee premium quality in a good standard for the future.