Minimalist Living Room Design Inspiration

living room minimalist design

Make a design concept family room with a minimalist house simple concept. The family room itself is a space in which we use the valuable time with the whole family every day. This space is gathering area, interaction, to chat with friends. If viewed in terms of functional, family room into a place or container of the most important among the other room because this is a shared space.

Minimalist Living Room Design

minimalist living room design

Therefore, the necessary planning and design processing attractive family room, relaxing, and quiet. In the living room minimalist design combined usually wear bright colors such as white, gray, or blue light to show the impression of a neat, clean, spacious, and fit in with the theme of the living room minimalist design is taken.

If you want a family room seem roomy interior and give a sense of flexibility for occupants of application of the concept of minimalist design is perfect. We can define the color white as the base color space. These colors can be applied starting from the floor, window-sills, wall to ceiling. White bandage heartbeat can make the living room look more spacious and fresh. Or the application of color in rhythm family room sofa can be presented through furniture or furniture as decoration. In order to design a minimalist living room separated from the impression of monotonous and too cold, apply gray or blue in space. Determine the color of dark gray and made to frame some ornaments such as storage or perhaps a standing lamp and table. In order to design a minimalist space look more alive and full of energy, give a purple accent rugs on the floor.

While in other cases, because the concept is minimalist, of course the use of furniture should be minimized and not excessive. Yes … the family room should indeed be a gathering place that provides comfort for the whole family. The minimalist concept put forward practical and functional terms in its application. Have found the family room minimalist design concept for your home with the family?

Four Ways to Make Cost-Effective Parks

How to create a cost-efficient garden

Having a home with modern minimalist exterior and interior can be equipped with a similar style garden. In addition to looking fresh, be compatible with the design of the house.

however, the process of making something that looks as simple as this minimalist garden professionals actually complicated and costly. Therefore, do just a few “rules” below to create their own garden.

First, determine the “boundaries”. The definition of what is not only to make a fence, but also the use of color, materials, and plants. Both “barrier” is important. Because, make a guardrail around the park will keep the image of minimalist minimalist. Use the walls, wooden fence, a combination of zinc and wood, or plants such as tea.

Meanwhile, the color and material limitations, we recommend using neutral colors. These limits, not only gives color, also highlight the natural color of various materials.

If you choose accentuate the natural color of the material, the material selection is one important step. Too much choice of materials will provide a variety of colors in the garden. Naturally, lively impression of various colors are not suitable for minimalist garden. A simple example is fairly easy to do is combine the green of the grass, gray cement and white wall paint for your garden.

Secondly, choose a few plants for your garden. One thing you should remember, do not choose too many types of plants. Choose only three species of plants. About the number of each species, adjust it to the size of the park.

Third, minimalist garden does not mean you have to grow everything on the ground. You can give the dimensions of the plant in pots that have different heights.

Fourth, give accent to add to the beauty of the flowing water and the freshness in your garden. Take advantage of this feature to give a feel of tranquility of the sound of running water.