3 Design Swimming Pool Luxury For Your Home

Style Luxury Resort

Design of the pool at each house is manifold, which is usually made according to the tastes of each occupant of the house. For those of you who love the resort-style swimming pool and luxurious, of course, want the atmosphere relaxed and soothing at the swimming pool is equipped with a comfortable place for sunbathing or just relaxing. Want to see some fancy swimming pools that might be applied in your home? Let’s look at the following inspiration.

Swimming pool Luxury Minimalist Japanese Zen Style

Japanese Zen Style

Zen minimalist-style swimming pool, though its shape is simple and not too broad, usually always able to create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance at the same time soothing natural atmosphere. This is because many natural elements such as rocks, gravel and white, typical of Japanese trees such as bamboo or grasses, and other embellishments nuanced Japan.

Which causes the pool looks a luxury usually is the addition of beautiful lights around the pool, such as fountain lights or spotlights modern, so in the evening pool atmosphere feels lively and comfortable. Illusion cement pieces floating on the water that is usually used as a footpath box on an intermittent, capable of adding to the impression of minimalism in a pool of this type. You can add a patio or lounge near the pool as a place to relax.

Swimming Pool Style Luxury Resort

Style Luxury Resort

To create a luxurious resort-style swimming pool in your home, you need a smart design and a fancy pool section serelaks possible. Elements that are used typically is patio floors made of marble or wood, do not forget furnished with luxury furniture as equipment patio or lounge.

Usually to create an atmosphere of luxury resort is thick, you must create an infinity pool which is costly due to the mechanism of action and treatment is different from the regular pool. However, the beauty of the pool Infinity Pool can not be compared with other pools, because it can create an atmosphere that seemed without edges or boundaries, giving the impression of relief and wide in the pool. Usually this type of swimming pool made overlooks a beautiful view of the mountains or even facing the sea, so you can get a very beautiful atmosphere when swimming as one with the natural surroundings.

Nuance Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pool

For those of you who loved the scenery and the natural atmosphere can create a pool made of natural components such as various types of natural stone. In addition you can add an artificial waterfall and lush plants around the pond to add natural impression.

Property Agent determines the Right to Sell Home

determining the quality of real estate agents

Selling a home is not easy. Although similar to the technique performed when selling other objects, but the home is not easy to wear stuff that certain decisions that can be changed arbitrarily. Buying or selling a home is a huge financial commitment. Therefore, it is necessary to help a realtor or real estate agent who really understood the home sales.

They know what you need to do, such as advertising to sell the house. They are also the people who design the communication so that people easily fall in love with a home that you are selling and they are also experts in order to negotiate maximum profits. How can you determine the quality of real estate agent?


Invite a few opinions from friends or relatives. But do not underlie any decisions you of the referral. They can only refer you to their friends or they do not have information about agents like what you want. After receiving a referral, find out also about the related property agents. Make sure you choose an experienced agent to sell a house type with you.

Do not be deceived

If you want to sell the house make sure that you select a real estate agent is the agent of the seller of the house, always avoid agents who practice dual-agent who represents the seller as well as buyer.

Agents that exclusively works for selling a house will put your interests as a seller trying to make your home and earn more money. Dual-agent will try to maximize your profits and buyers. Make sure your agent is on your side alone.

Also avoid using real estate agents who do not have much experience in the field. With the interview you will know how to experience the agent.


You need to do an interview and asked pertaining to the second step above. Make sure you ask how long your agent has to sell the house and everything about his contacts and schedule.

In order to know the experience of the agent, ask how many homes they are selling and how much the average price. Make sure you also use an agent who is handling only a few sellers, ask what role in this work. Remember you do not want to get caught in the trap dual-agent.

Most importantly, ask how he is going to sell your home and how he determines the right price so that you profit but your house will soon be sold.


Being skeptical is necessary to avoid an agent who works for himself. They do not have the integrity and just being nice when seeing clients and prospective buyers. They can hide a plan to get that much money from the sale of your house when you do not know.

Avoid people like this. Know your home is not perfect and you can not possibly give the commission too large. Make sure you choose an agent who sells your home honestly.

Do not Completely Honest

You do not want to tell everything to your agent. Perhaps you want to set a higher price than the price of an ideal, but make sure you do not tell your version of the ideal price to your agent, he would have trouble.

Make sure you follow the suggested price and modify it a little higher. You also might not want to tell the whole bad aspects of your home.