How to Caring Roof Cover

Caring roof cover

Roofing is one important element in the construction of a building. Roof of the building serves to protect the building occupants from exposure to the heat of the sun and the weather like raindrops.

There is some material that is commonly used as roof coverings such as tile, concrete, metal, zinc, and asbestos. Whatever the roof covering material, check its condition regularly to prevent possible leakage. For tile material, note the position perhaps there is a broken or sagging and should be addressed.

Not only on the part of the roof cover sheets, you must also consider part nok. If there is a leak in that section, immediately improve the use of water proofing or if the damage is severe immediately fix the structure.

Leaks in the roof is always associated with rain. Consider water lines, if any dry leaves or other debris on the track, the puddle has the potential to cause leaks. This examination should be routinely performed, especially in buildings that have flat roofs.

Good roof is a roof that can protect building occupants from all weather and safe from the roof itself. So that the roof did not collapse and harm its occupants, check the frame or roof truss structure once every 10 years. Roof frame made of wood is very susceptible to termites, while the lightweight steel roof truss will be more durable.