Creating solutions Ventilation in place Narrow

Creating solutions Ventilation in place Narrow

You are living in a densely populated residential complex must have experienced this problem, namely the problem of too little ventilation, where the right side of the house attached to the neighbor’s house so that air can only flow from the front side vents. As a result, the room was hot inside. So, what’s the solution if it is to renovate all the rooms in the house that has enough ventilation?

Ideally sized for home windows is a third of the total area of ​​the walls of the room. So if the room size 3m x 3m, minimum window area is 4 square meters. However, for certain cases it is difficult to make a house window pretty much.

There are two solutions that can be chosen to resolve this problem. First use the exhaust fan. It is an electronic device that works to suck the air in the room and throw it out. With the exhaust fan, the air inside the home is forced to flow out. In the case of homes are already squeezed neighboring wall, use exhaust fans can be mounted on the ceiling. Exhaust fan only help the problem of air, to reproduce the lighting in the house, you can install glass tiles on the roof.

Second, if possible, loading one room and change into a park in the middle of the house. Let the roof of the house open so that light and air can enter freely. Where space is to be dismantled depending on conditions. However, you should select the room that come into contact with a lot of space in the house from the garden so that light and air can be distributed throughout the room in the house.

If it is possible that wind into the house “cooled” first. You do this by creating a shade or shadow on the front of the house. Terrace, long overhangs, or canopy, for example, would be very beneficial. Put some potted plants hanging on the front porch can also help.