Caring for Glass Door Home

Caring for Glass Door Home

Caring doors made of glass is not as easy to care for doors made from wood materials. Despite the extra effort is needed in treatment, but by no means difficult to do so.

If you are one of the users of glass doors in the house, then there is no harm if you listen to some of the following tips, which you can apply when care glass doors of your home.

  • Clean the door at least 1 week, so that the door still looks shiny and bright.
  • Coat the glass doors using aluminum or iron metal component that is strong enough. It aims to neutralize the door when the collision occurred.
  • Avoid laying the glass doors of the reach of children, especially toddlers who love to play.
  • Use glass cleaner that is effective, do not clean using a cloth that has been soaked in water to avoid dust on the glass that will stick and be difficult to lose.
  • Keep the glass doors of textured objects that hard, that are not easily affected by the collision so that the glass will be broken.
  • Open and close the glass doors with great care not to make a sound.
  • Overcome frosted glass by using 2 ounces of tobacco soaked in 200 ml of water and soak up to 30 minutes. Insert a clean cloth into the liquid and then use it to clean the glass.


outdoor living room design tips

Creating an outdoor living space that is completely functional and can create a relaxed atmosphere requires careful planning. Like when making design indoor, we must consider all aspects ranging from architectural, color harmony, the number of people who can fit in the room, spacious rooms and comfort rooms. Another challenge is how to create an outdoor room that can provide the need for privacy while protecting people who relax there from the wind and sun. How do I create a pleasant outdoor living space? The following tips:

Estimate the Size and Layout

Is an outdoor room in your house is small and limited? The size and layout of the outdoor space depends on the activity you want to accommodation and views of the size of the property is placed in the outdoor room. When designing an outdoor room, do not forget to consider the natural elements such as wind and solar orientation. If you want to build an atmosphere of calm, waking up only roofed building with open walls, such as awnings, umbrellas, gazebo or pavilion, and a pergola so that people who are outdoors can still enjoy the scenery outside the home without feeling the heat.

Architecture complementary Houses

Patterns and colors for decorating outdoor living space is infinite. For an alternative option, you can create an outdoor room that can be integrated as a complement to the overall design of the house. So just equate design an outdoor living area with spaces in the house, so that the whole house had a mutually harmonious architectural theme.

Privacy Plan

Outdoor room will have wall coverings as well as indoor. If in need of privacy protection, you can begin to install the high wooden fence that enclosed or higher plants that can be split between you and the view of neighbors. For continuity of design, consider installing concrete fence or wall with a decoration pattern natural stone or brick that can help complete the design of your home.

Gradual build

If your budget a little, build outdoor living area gradually. Starting with the building basically, and then complete the required furniture piecemeal. You can prepare other features gradually. Such as fireplaces, ponds, fountains, gardens and lighting.

Help Design

Ask for help on the architect or contractor can help you to create design ideas into reality. The professionals can help you plan your outdoor room that fits your budget. Aesthetic and functional requirements into a benchmark of professionals in designing the architecture of the space. They can advise you where the furniture is resistant to weather and climatic conditions specified.

Consider the Convenience

As a complement, and other enhancements, outdoor living area can also be accessed from inside the house. If you want to create an outdoor space that is equipped with cookware, make the room close to the kitchen or where food is stored. This will reduce the traveling back and forth from the kitchen to the outdoors just to pick up food. Consider also access to electricity and water.