Doing Simple It Can Reduce Electricity Bills

reduce electricity

What is the cost of your electricity bill this month? Still Did you pay the amount to very much? It may be that there is something wrong with your habits at home.

If the electricity bill is still swollen, then you should begin to learn to save electricity at home, because actually many simple things you can do to reduce the amount of electricity bills.

Moreover, until now, the Indonesian government use more electricity generated from fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and gas will run out one day. For that, there is no harm in helping the government to save electricity.

Well, consider the following tips to save electricity to reduce electricity bills at home!

1. Television

Television is still in standby position is still consuming power. For that, turn off the TV right after watching by pulling the plug.

You can also use an electric terminal push-on / off so that you can immediately press off its course to turn it off. In addition, turn on your TV if you really want to watch it.

2. AC

Before the room is used, you should first stabilize the room temperature for one hour to turn on the air conditioner in a certain temperature, for example at a temperature of 24 degrees celsius.

If then you want to lower the temperature, do so after an hour of use at the initial temperature. Remember that each decrease of 1 degree Celsius will increase power consumption by 6 percent. So, avoid too often raise and lower the temperature.

3. Charger HP

Habits hang handheld or mobile phone charger in the outlet should be immediately abandoned.

Do you know if it is still consuming electricity up to 30 percent of normal electrical power? To that end, unplug your cell phone charger after charger.

4. Refrigerator

When you use the refrigerator, refrigerator, or freezer, avoid inserting drinks and hot food into it.

Then, adjust the temperature as needed, but do not be too low because it would take a large electrical energy.