Growing Housing Development plan or Gradual?

plans to build a house

Home renovation can be more expensive than building a new house. It is better to build your own company at the same house. But, for you maybe it was not the right choice. The reason is manifold. For example, insufficient funds or your family is new or small families who do not need more space.

But in the next few years, you are planning to renovate the house alias enlarge the house. What harm you plan carefully from the beginning. So that later it costs quite efficient. What should you look for? The following suggestions and examples may be useful.

First, the design of the house. Make a design house that is compatible to the development of the house into two floors. This means that the design of the house first floor you make, ready to be upgraded to 2 floors, without changing the floor plan or house wall. Better yet, if you have designed from the start and made two versions at once. The version 1 and version floor 2 floor home design.

Second, the structure of the foundation. Make the foundation and column structure of the building is ready for the second floor. Although for now, will only be made one floor.

Third, keep the shape of the roof of the building has not changed, so you can take advantage of the old roof trusses for new buildings.

Fourth, prepare since the beginning of space for the stairs. So, when you are ready to renovate You do not need to sacrifice space on the 1st floor.

Want to Perform Process Buy House? Learn The requirements!

requirement buy house

Having a home is one of the primary needs that must be owned by everyone. No matter if in our youth a little frugality to be saving for a dream home. That way, we could have a private residential well as a valuable investment asset.

Conducting the process of buying and selling homes was not as easy as the process of buying and selling motor vehicles or precious metals. There are several requirements and procedures that we must understand that home ownership process runs smoothly.

What kind of requirements that must be met before the process of buying and selling a home?

First Steps Before Selling Buy Houses

When we are planning to make the process of buying and selling homes, so the first thing we must do is to approach the Land Deed Officer. Land Deed Officer’s office in a particular region usually can only take care of the administrative system of buying and selling homes in the area.

Submit Certificates Home Office Into Land Deed Officer

Land Deed Officer’s office who helps the maintenance of the home buying and selling houses will send certificates traded on the National Land Agency. This is done in order to ensure that homes are bought and sold is not in a state of legal disputes, the process of foreclosure or block.

This helps us to buy or sell a home legally and safely in accordance with the provisions that have been regulated by the state.
Submission Files Others Office Land Deed Officer

In addition to requiring a certificate of the house, there are other files that must be submitted as a condition of buying and selling homes. These files include:

  • Income Tax Property Tax Payable last year along with proof of payment
  • Card Copy Population and Family Card husband and wife (if already married)
  • Photocopy of the marriage certificate (if married)
  • Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Photocopy of the death certificate (if the homeowner had died)
  • Photocopy of certificate of heirs that have been legalized (if the homeowner had died)
  • Building permit, floor plans and a variety of other paperwork associated with the house being sold

The signing of the Sale and Purchase Deed

After all completeness of letters have been inspected and declared ready and production cost Deed of Sale buy repaid, then the seller and the buyer could immediately sign the deed of sale and purchase was accompanied by two witnesses.

After signed a Sale and Purchase Deed, then the buyer can immediately behind the name of the certificate process is assisted by the office of the Land Deed Officer. Behind the process is done by crossing out the name of the certificate owner’s name soon replaced with the name of the new owner based on the data transition that has been owned by the office of the Land Deed Officer.

Should the Property Broker Gets the Commission?

At present it seems almost impossible that we get information about the houses to be sold without involving the real estate broker. Brokers who became the intermediary between the seller and the buyer could be categorized into two, namely brokers who work for themselves (freelance) and brokers who work on the property trading intermediaries.

When acting as a freelance broker, the broker must make an appointment at the beginning of the process of buying and selling on 2 sides the seller and the buyer. The agreement contains information about which party is obliged to pay a commission and how much commissions to be received by the broker who works freelance.

As for brokers who work in the property trade intermediaries, Law article 10 of Regulation No. 33 of 2008 states that the broker is obliged to earn a commission of at least 2% of the transaction value. Although he did not earn a commission from the seller or buyer, the broker who works in the intermediary will normally get a commission directly from the company where he worked.

Information on the requirements of the home buying and selling process will certainly be useful for us who want to immediately have a private dwelling. Learn the requirements carefully and do not be shy to ask the office of the local Land Deed Officer that the home buying and selling process more smoothly. Intensive communication with the seller and real estate broker will also help smooth the process of buying and selling homes. Hurry getting ready to have a private dwelling family dreams.

How to Remove Stains Mud On Clothes

clean stain

Stain attached to the clothing is irritating, especially for those who wash the clothes. Especially if you have small children who often contaminate clothing when playing in the school or outside the home.

There are several forms of stubborn stains, one mud stains. Especially in the rainy season, easily the mud stains on clothing worn, especially if the clothes are white.

Remove the stain of mud as it was not easy. Though it was still nice clothes and to wear again. For that, you need to know the technique of washing the mud stain is good and right.

Consider the following tips to clean mud remove stains on clothes!

1. Dry the First Stain

If the stain of the mud is wet, then dry it first. Do not try to wash clothes when the land was still clinging wet clothes. Because it will only spread the stain into the fibers of clothing in many parts.

Well, after the dirt is completely dry, then you get rid of it first with a vacuum cleaner or brushed with a toothbrush and a small brush slowly. Only after that, you can begin to wash.

2. Use Liquid Detergents

The next thing you need to do is wash them use some liquid detergent. Pour a few drops of detergent on the stain. Then, rub the stain with your thumb and forefinger.

Add a few drops of water and continue to rub the stain in a circular motion, or you can use a toothbrush to rub. This process needs to be repeated until the stain is completely gone.

3. Wash Hand

However, for mud stains that have permeated into the inside of the clothes will be very difficult to clean. To get rid of the stain, you can wash it by hand. Clean the outside and inside underwear. Use a brush to scrub stains from clothing.

Once you see is clean enough, then you can begin to wash detergent appropriate user guide. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the fabric care guidelines that exist in every detergent product to help maintain the quality of the clothes.

How to Cope Hair Crack At Wall

hair crack at wall

Are you building a new house? Or renovate the new home building completed in the wake? Sometimes we will find hair cracks in the walls of the house. The term hairline cracks have appeared because of the cracks in the walls around 1mm so said to be similar to the thickness of hair. Hairline cracks will not get through to the side of the wall next to it, so it is not classified as severe damage to houses.

Here is the cause of the appearance of hair cracks in the wall of the house:

  • The composition of the mixture of plaster walls of the building is not good so that when dry, shrinks and becomes cracked
  • Currently acian workmanship, plastering yet perfectly dry condition so that when the process of hydration, moisture hindered acian / paint and cracks appeared on the walls of buildings to escape the water vapor
  • Currently acian workmanship stucco is dry, but do not do so acian less wetting perfect stick and cause cracks.

According to the observations most cases there is always the hair cracks on the walls of the building process is done in a hurry, instant and tend to “chase deadlines”. The contractor can anticipate the cracks in the wall using a primer that serves as a cover hairline cracks. Another case if you buy a house on the developer / developer or build your own with TVC design services. Because you can do complain while they no guarantee of care (usually 6 months / 180 days).

Here we present the tricks and tips to cope with hairline cracks in the walls of the house. This would require expert assistance. Stages as follows:

  • Scrape all layers of paint and coating plamir with kapi or metal brush.
  • Continue by sanding until the surface looks entirely acian.
  • Clean the wall with a roll or a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust as well as doing wetting the wall.
  • Close the gap at the location of cracks with wall filler (you can buy in a store building), if hard to find can be replaced with a special cement for the floor tile grout filler.
  • Once dry (+/- 7 days), can be coated with plamur good quality.
  • uAfter plamir dried, can be followed by sanding in order to smooth and seal the surface of the wall with paint primer or sealer
  • And lastly walls could be repainted with paint color desired.

Hopefully the above tips can be useful to overcome the problem of hair cracks in the walls of your house