This is the function of Balcony For Home

functions balcony of the house

The balcony is the top floor terrace in multistory buildings that are usually used as an additional area for relaxing outdoors or areas that connect the interior with the exterior.

As part of the facade, where the balcony needs to be designed as attractive as possible because the balcony is a part that is often noticed by people who see your home.

In addition, as a chamber, where balconies provide a variety of functions for a house, namely:

1. Expanding Space

The balcony could be a solution to expand the room, for example, to build a balcony on one side of the room that are directly related to outer space will expand your bedroom.

2. Widen view

The balcony is a favorite place residents who want to see the sights of the neighborhood around the house.

3. Reinforce the Floor Level

The existence of differences reinforce the balcony and on the ground floor, as well as showing the difference in scale of the building and toward him have.

4. Beautify facade

The facade of the house will look more beautiful by the presence of a balcony. For that, it needs to pay attention to the design of your house balcony.

5. overshadow Room at the Bottom

Form a balcony that juts out leaving space underneath, so the balcony can overshadow the bottom of the house from the sun or rain.

Tips Paint Old Furniture

Painted Furniture

Change the look of old furniture into new paint way back is a way to give color and new life to your furniture, generally for furniture made of wood. The process itself is fairly easy, requiring only a few tools common paint and do not be too long anyway.

Painting also will make your furniture look new, and displaced over function becomes longer. There are many painting techniques such as coat, cover, or completely repaint. You have to know the right way in order not to damage the other components such as furniture, cabinets handles or doorknobs.

Here are tips you can follow.

Area Prepare Painting

Better yet, if the painting is done in the open air, if it can not then open the door or window to get additional ventilation. Do not forget to use the equipment for your taste, namely by using gloves or a mask before you start painting.

Before painting, clean the surface prior wanting painted furniture. The presence of impurities will disrupt the process of painting and make the paint is not durable. Changing the old furniture into new by painting must be done safely, and clear all the contents of the furniture drawers.

Sandpaper and Give Primer

Sanding will help coat of paint before disappear completely so that the new paint will be easier to stick on the furniture. Sandpaper will help the process of transforming the old into the new furniture easier. After the sanding is finished using a primer that will help closing stains and discoloration in the wood completely. Once this process is completed, then you can use regular paint.

Begin Painting

Transform old furniture into new like wooden furniture, it is advisable to use latex paint interior and are usually semi-shiny. The more shiny paint, the easier furniture cleaned if spillage or dirt.

You can choose the type of paint spray or ordinary paint with a brush or roller. Using paint spray and roller will help result of painting became more orderly.