Home Concept Outdoor

outdoor concept

Do you realize when you hear the word ‘home’, that is in your mind of a building that has a lot of indoor space. Contrary to that, a resident in Vietnam makes an outdoor concept home. What kind of appearance?

Although outdoor, houses built by Architects A21studio still can protect the owner from the scorching sun and rain storms. Only by promoting green building and the ventilation air that is unbelievably amazing.

home concept outdoor

Located in the province of Binh Duong, home titled ‘Nest’ (net) is indeed covered with mild steel. In addition to cut the time and cost of construction, the use of mild steel also aims to protect the house from thieves.

Because, if observed from the outside, an outdoor living area will look beautiful combined with the atmosphere of tropical forests (the back of the living room) as opposed to the location of the house located in urban areas. The main house itself is located on the top of an outdoor living room with a connecting staircase.

Want Life Comfortable? Avoid this color

colors home

Each color has its own meaning and effect. For example there are colors that can create positive energy like coolness, vigor, and calm. But there are also several color which brings bad energy like the red color that can improve the emotions, the yellow color that makes you drowsy, and black color that creates a mystical impression.

For that began avoid colors that bring bad energy. Colors are considered heavy to decorate the interior of the house is an old beige or beige, gray, and black. If applied in the wrong way, the color will make residents feel uncomfortable and hot. Besides the interior of the house can actually look pale and dull. Another case if applied by professionals, these colors can be an interesting accent.

Gray color is also quite difficult to apply because it is not soft colors. Besides gray are dull and can make a house become dull. For that gray should not be used as the dominant color of the room, but only as accents, furniture or wall hangings.

Black is the color of death so you must avoid it as the dominant color. Sunlight or strong light will disappear once absorbed by the black color, so that the room will look pretty grim. Just as gray, black should only apply to accent, furniture and wall hangings.

In the end, the best colors for your interior is a bright color such as yellow, white, blue, and so on. Thus you will get a bright atmosphere, comfortable, and made more vibrant.

Beautify Table Lamp with Ropes

table lamp ropes

No need to pay expensive to make your home space look nice and unique. During any creative you can also create a variety of interesting ideas to beautify the room of the house.

One of them such as decorating lamp using a rope. Yes, using the ropes to see the home room will look more natural and unique. Ropes often forgotten its use, whereas brown strap is able to create the impression of rustic, ethnic and natural at the same time in your home.

Are you interested to use it? You can try some of these tips!

1. Equipment Used

Equipment used for making ornaments is actually very simple. You only need glue, rope, scissors and a table lamp as a creative medium.

2. How to Decorate

So how? The way is easy, you just wrapped the rope on which wants decorated lamps. Do not forget when wrapping the rope you also have to provide the glue, the goal that the rope is not easily separated.

3. Create a Pattern Coil Cords With Creative

Creative was as creative as possible, roping pattern to your liking, so you can make an artistic decoration lights.