How to Become a General Contractor

how to become a contractor

One form of investment that is usually done by people they bought a piece of land and build whether it be residential. shophouses and houses to be contracted. With these conditions in contracting business prospects both for residential as well as the building is very open. Nowadays a lot of vacant land that is unproductive offered to developers to be made in the housing complex to the contractor.

The contractor is a person or a legal person or business entity in a contract or lease to execute orders or jobs based on the contents of contracts won from the project owner, the agency or government agency, corporation, entity, or individual, who has done appointment officially follows the rules of appointment, and the target project or order contained in the contract agreed between the project owner to the contractor.

The contractor is the company that manages and supervises the construction of buildings. Historically, the contracting company doing a lot of work on their own. For example, the contractor has a team of concrete, such as electrical and mechanical crew, a group of skilled builders.

Obviously, the necessary management capabilities to manage contractors. Before starting, make sure you have experience in the construction industry, a source of capital, knowledge of local subcontractors and suppliers, as well as a business plan. Here we will give you a step-by-step how to become a general contractor.

While you work in this industry, you have to focus on building relationships with clients, suppliers, and architects. The main key to achieving a strong relationship in the world the contractor is giving what you say in a timely manner and at a high quality level. If you keep your promises and help clients keep their schedule, people will remember you and want to work with your back.

  • You will need a business plan to secure the growth of your company.
  • Obtaining a business license is absolutely necessary for your business. Contracting company might require special additional licenses or permits, be sure to check it.
  • This is the most important step in forming a successful construction company. You will be applying for a business loan. Commercial construction industry is very slow to pay, which means that you should be able to finance the full value of any project that you do, including all labor, materials, and payments to subcontractors.
  • Expand your business. Sign up for tender projects. Be proactive to employment opportunities available. If you continue to do quality work, with the promotion of the right then your reputation will be very good.

What Function Overhead Crane?

overhead bridge cranes

Overhead crane is a transfer tool that has a structure like the bridge of the strut frame at both ends with wheels to run along the rail track on the floor. Crane can be operated manually and can also be operated with electricity. Most cranes today is driven by an electric motor, so that the crane is known as electric overhead traveling crane.

Overhead cranes commonly used in industrial environments especially steel making industry and other metals such as copper and aluminum. At every step of the manufacturing process up to leaving the factory so that it becomes a finished product metal handled using an overhead crane .In addition automobile industry uses an overhead crane for handling raw materials. And storage facilities. Almost all paper mills using Overhead Bridge Cranes for routine maintenance requires the removal of heavy press rolls and other equipment. Bridge cranes used in the initial construction paper machines because they make it easier to install heavy cast paper, iron drum drying and other large equipment, some weighing as much as 70 tons.

Overhead crane is one type of transport equipment used in the industry. The function of this tool is to move or lift loads of material from one place to another. Overhead crane itself can be classified into several types:

  • Overhead Bridge Crane
  • Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Overhead Crane jibs

Here are some uses of the overhead crane and the type of overhead cranes, overhead cranes are needed in a large-scale industry.

Tips for Choosing a Location Of Residence

ive things before the housing market

Deciding the location of residence was not an easy task, there are important things that should be considered. When imagining a place to stay, usually we want a place that is safe and comfortable. Not only comfort and safety in the home, but also the safety and comfort of the environment and the atmosphere around. As much as possible, within the residence and place of work are also not far away.

In searching for the right location, there are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

The main road

The main road heading into an important access point to your home. If the condition is not good (a lot of holes), or difficult to reach (for example due to the narrow width of the road for vehicles), there is a good idea to consider another location for where you live.

Conditions of water services, electricity, and telephone

Actually this is the requirement of completeness of your home. However, the location you choose may affect the access and smooth operation of your household utilities. If a particular location famous prone to power failure, you would need to consider this factor.

environmental Hygiene

Cleanliness is a health base. If the environment you live is not clean, then you and your family’s health is threatened. Especially considering you and your family will spend more time in this neighborhood. Note the cleanliness in the environment, including the distance from home to temporary landfills or sewers always clogged


If you live in a big city, then the level of pollution is also a determining factor. If the level of air pollution is high, then health will be threatened. If your home location is close to highways or major roads, then chances are you affected by the pollution is greater. In addition to air pollution, noise pollution can also unsettle your life at home.


Location more greening certainly more interesting. Greening will give the impression of relaxation for the eyes. With more greening, usually air quality will be better.

Free flood

Free floods became one of the most important criteria in determining the location of the house. Household routines may be very disturbed if you live in a flood-stricken. Transportation becomes difficult and your valuables can be damaged by the floods. Therefore, choose the location of a place to stay that is not prone to flooding.

Ease of transport

Although the house is on a highway or near a highway may be potentially exposed to pollution, but it also means that the distance between your home to the transportation center is also closer. Dwellings near the station, for example, to provide ease of transport if the motor vehicle is in trouble, or the streets of your home flooded.


Strategic is a subjective thing. You can decide whether you live in easily accessible by other people, or close to places that you often visit. The strategic location means you can do your activities with efficient and time are not often consumed in the way.

Support facilities

Supporting facilities may include hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers, sports centers, post offices, or other facilities that will make your residence into a township.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Underwater Welder

commercial diver

An underwater Welder must be able to demonstrate not only the skills but also qualifications dive welding. Underwater welder is also known as an offshore welder and they must have the ability to control and manage the heavy welding equipment in a hazardous working environment. This article will discuss about the duties and responsibilities as well as the ability to be possessed by Welder underwater.

Duties and responsibilities of underwater Welder

They are required to work with various types of welding equipment to follow specific procedures are set to complete a given task. Some of the tasks that must be able to be done by an underwater welder are: inspection and non-destructive testing, underwater photography, underwater cutting, drafting, fittings and rigging. Sometimes, underwater divers are also required to work with project planning manager. They were asked to provide assistance in the field of management and public relations therefore they are also required to have good communication skills and interpersonal skills which usually helps them to work well with other employees.

Educational and other requirements

The first requirement is that an underwater Welder must have a commercial diving certification. This certification is offered by many schools offer diving courses. There are many schools that offer diving certification, but it is important to note that different commercial diver certification, and substitution can not be made regardless of experience level. In addition, there are other requirements that can not be ignored even if someone has extensive experience in the field so it can be given certification. These requirements include the ability to use and handle a variety of diving equipment, underwater inspection, demonstrated ability in communication divers, diving physiology and emergency procedures and operation of the hyperbaric chamber.

Welder underwater welding is required to have skills that meet the requirements, knowledge and the ability to prepare and adjust the welding parameters. Most of the welding program offered in educational facilities in the country approved by the American Welding Society and therefore an underwater Welder can benefit from the skills Welder underwater. Internationally recognized training in underwater welding is exclusively granted in the US by the Commercial Diving Academy.

There is no age limit to become an underwater welder however, what is needed is a good physical condition and able to perform duties as a professional underwater welder. Most companies need people who can pass inspection requirements and excellent physical condition.

Tips on Choosing an Internet Home to Fit Your Needs

internet bundles

Almost all the activity in the world is associated with an Internet service, not to function as a place of interaction between users or entertainment media such as video and music but also serves to office work such as the use of Office 365 or Video Call facility.

But there are many people who still have not been able to equalize the speed of the Internet gained from the purchase of Internet packets and needs, not to mention the hardware also affects the speed limit on the internet.

If only more people were able to equalize the speed of the Internet gained from the purchase of internet package and daily use, then there will be no customers will complain unless there are irresponsible people who promise that the internet package that actually lower classes claimed as upscale.

So that the users do not want to be deceived anymore about variations based internet package gained speed internet, look for internet installation service with the best service, know the price and the devices used and complete information about their services. Internet needs at home is very important, but you also have to pay attention to the best service by paying a price to suit your needs, not pay for services you do not know. Look for services that offer for cable and internet bundles, as well as home phone and Internet bundles, make sure that you will not have to pay too much for these critical needs like you can rely on team.