Tips to Buying the Right Apartment

Tips on buying an apartment

Availability of land into one of the limitations to build a house in Jakarta. Therefore, many people who decide to buy an apartment than to build houses. Besides limited, of course lands in Jakarta can be said to have a high enough price.

One appropriate solution is to buy an apartment as a residence. But the problem now is to determine the right apartment to live. Because often times, they are inexperienced, do not consider many things before buying an apartment. Promotion tactics that attract prospective buyers sometimes make less careful consideration of other factors. For this reason, we provide the following steps need to be considered before deciding to buy an apartment.

Ensuring Track Record Company Sells Apartment

It is very important to do before you decide to drop the option on an apartment. How do I know the company’s track record? You can do this by doing a search on the internet

Look carefully how the track record of the previous company. Is there a lot of trouble or not. Ask in detail the important things about the company that you avoid problems later on.

Ensure Legality Building

You must check mail Broking (HGB), a letter Building Permit (IMB), a letter to the Principle Permit Permit Land Use Designation (SIPPT). This will make you avoid the purchase of apartments that did not have formal legality in building apartments that will you live it.

Is it enough to examine it? No! These letters can be forged by the parties involved to deal with the prospective buyer smart as you. You can check the authenticity of such documents on related institutions issuing such documents. With the formal legality, it will make you safe staying in this apartment of your choice.

Facilities and Services

For reasons of cost savings, perhaps the majority of potential buyers will ignore the problems with facilities and services of the apartment. Though it includes important. Make sure if the electricity and water accommodated properly. Then your choice of the apartments also have access to sufficient lift or stairs. Because if there is a fire or something undesirable, you can leave the apartment safely.

Make sure the location is strategic and safe apartments

After the previous steps you follow, it’s time you pay attention to the location of access and security of your own apartment. Although the apartments in strategic places relatively more expensive, but to support your activities, of course the price is worth. Access to your apartment should facilitate any activity later on. For example, the location of the apartment is not far to place your work.

In addition, see also how the circumstances surrounding the apartment environment. If looks suspicious and too quiet, it is better not to choose the apartment. Also make sure the apartment security forces, whether adequate or not. Security has become one of the important factors that must be considered because it involves the lives of their own. One chose the apartment could be the beginning of a disaster.

But you need not worry if the steps above you can watch carefully, you can choose the right apartment.

How to Cleaning Toilet Seat

cleaning toilet seat

The comfort of a bathroom is often judged on cleanliness. Bathrooms including one room in the house. Has a function as a place for bathing, waste water, the situation has to be clean and healthy.

In the bathroom there is a bathtub, toilet, sink, shower if necessary, clothes hangers, and others. the varying needs of the bathroom can be selected according to the model of your home. Including the toilet which had been always known there was a toilet seat and squatting. But now more and more sitting toilet version selected. It’s a little difficult in care but can make an impression your bathroom into a modern look. Note care of your toilet seat properly.

Toilet Sitting function

Talking about the function of a toilet would have understood. As a place to urinate and defecate. Each time you finish using the toilet seat you then have to be cleaned by means of flushing until clean.

Health Toilet Bathroom Sitting

As a place to pee, let alone sit, certainly after each use must be cleaned. Because parts of the body will be attached to the toilet seat. If the toilet is used for people at home, it should always be clean and healthy. Seen in less than a month there are some parts of the toilet seat yellowed. If it is found then immediately clean before permanent. That is also the reason why you should always clean the toilet seat every time you use. That dirt is not much buildup.

Proper cleaning

In cleaning toilet seat is not bothered. As long as you always keep starting from scratch usage until a certain time, the dirt that settles in the toilet is not too much. Every two weeks minimum to clean parts of the sides of your toilet seat. In addition to using well water using a special brush toilet. Do not forget to use a special soap toilet cleaners. Brush each side of the toilet seat you thoroughly.

The facade design minimalist

The facade design is minimalist

Home design with minimalist theme usually have the feature displays only the elements that are considered necessary only. Its application in the design of the display face to produce building a simple, not a lot of details or ornaments are added as the design of the house with a classic theme laden detail.

The material used in the design of minimalist home is also not much. Usually do not use different materials in a single display face of the building, just perform finishing on the walls of the building with plain plaster. However, in its application to the design minimalist house today, not a few people that combines minimalist design with natural elements like natural stone or wood.

The colors used are also not much in the design of the facade. Usually only use a combination of natural colors such as beige with dark brown combination, or other monochrome color. There are some also who uses striking colors to break up the cold impression of a minimalist home design, such as adding red or yellow on one of the walls or other building elements, to bring up the point of view of the overall design of the facade of the house. So that minimalist home design become more harmonious and not monotonous.

Light or lighting used is also aimed at providing a more dramatic effect with the game as well as natural light to artificial light to produce an effect into space. Light used usually to highlight one desired part as a focus / center of the most interesting elements in a series of minimalist facade design house. So you should not hesitate to apply a minimalist design in your home, because minimalism does not always give the impression of cold and monotonous.

Minimalist Home Design For The Narrow Land

home design for narrow courtyard

Having a small house with limited land, it makes some people difficulty in designing or renovating to make it look more spacious.

Actually not too difficult to arrange a small room in a small house in a narrow land at a low cost. Here are some ways that you can follow so that your small house look big, roomy and comfortable

1. The high roof

If your space is limited breadth of the roof design to make your small house is higher in order to give the impression of a more spacious room because of the ample space upwards.

2. Reduce Bulkhead

A divider between the room can make a home feel not roomy. For that, you can reduce the use of insulation.

3. Light

A bright room may be one way that the room looks more spacious. Then, design your small house with room lighting is bright enough.

4. Bright colors

House paint, the color of the curtains or furniture should use bright colors. White color on the walls can be one option for the narrow room. Or if you want to use the wallpaper on the walls, choose wallpaper with a small motif.

5. Large windows

In order for a broader view, you can use a large window at the front of the house. Thus, residents can see a large area outside the house as easily as a garden or street. This will give the impression area.

6. Mirror

The use of mirrors is most often used to give the impression of the room. With the mirror, as if you have a room that is twice as large as the reflection.

7. Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing furniture such as chairs, tables or shelves must be adapted to the design of tiny houses. Due to the limited of the room, choose furniture that is simple and small in size. Then try to choose furniture with paint color that resembles the color of your house. In addition to saving space, this also can make good agreement with the size of the room. Color that resembles paint will make a wider impression.

8. Multi Function Room

To get around the house in order to meet existing functionality, make it into a multi-function room. For example, a guest room that also serves into the family room. This will make the room bigger if the merger of several rooms at once.

9. Use Empty Space

You can use every part of your home that is empty. For example the area under the stairs, usually empty. You can put your various equipment and tools in the area under the stairs.

Quick Tips Tidy Cabinet Only 15 Minutes


Cupboards already very cluttered but tidy lazy. The reason is generally because not have much time, super busy and tired with activities all day. But the impact of the delay tidying cupboards are wasting a lot of time wasted.

You could be trouble find the items because it all looked a mess. Not to mention the whole mind when looking at everything irregular. As a result, time can be wasted and spoil the mood of the day.

To overcome this problem, you inevitably obliged to tidy up the cupboards. Do not worry about time because will share a quick trick to do so. In just 15 minutes you will feel comfortable and a new spirit because the cupboards were neatly.

So do not again think if tidying cupboards that took hours. You can try these quick tips tidying cupboards only a short time of about 15 minutes. Let us discuss just stage one by one.

1. Get rid of unused

Often, the closet becomes a mess because of too much content. To be more presentable. of course you need to get rid of most of the contents. Remove items that have been unused out of the closet. If you are troubled determine which ones should be removed, try the following.

Take the timer and set the time about 5 minutes. Then use that time to see the contents of the closet and clean. Be it clothes, shoes and other accessories. While watching the 3 answer this question:

  • If the goods are still adequate or suitable subject?
  • Do I like that stuff?
  • Do I already and still want to wear it?

If your answer is ‘no’ on all or some of the above questions, then remove any item from the closet. Move goods into storage or donated to others.

Do not waste a lot of time for this process. Choose items that have not work quickly. Remember this stage only provide a maximum of 5 minutes. It is enough if you think, reason, and act humble.

2. Coordinate Content Segment And Cabinet

After the cupboards clean of goods is not functional, it’s time to sort them. Grouped according to the type and category of clothing. For example, shirts with shirts, jackets with jackets, shirts with shirts, jeans with jeans and so on.

If it has been coordinating the types of goods based on usage frequency or color, then you will be easier to find and retrieve it when needed. Unused time became more efficient.

You can take advantage of another device that is in a closet, such as hangers, drawers and so on. While for small items would be much neater when strung like belts, scraf and others. Sorting and coordinating items in this closet can be done in just 5 minutes.

3. Create Planning

After the previous two steps are done, you need to devise a plan set up space in the closet. Map in closet space to put these items. For convenience, write the size of a closet and note how wide space in the closet.

Also note where the most cluttered area and find a better way to make the area into a neat. For example, buying a new storage box. Notes that have been made will guide you put stuff in the closet, fixing arrangement and capacity. All this planning can also be quickly completed about 5 minutes