How to get the paint more durable bathroom


Generally, especially in Indonesia, the bathroom walls are usually covered with ceramic tiles, natural stone, exposed concrete, stone slabs, wallpaper to paint. Election according to taste and can be applied in part or all of the bathroom wall.

Of the several layers of the wall, the painting is the most common and popular applied. However, the use of paint in the bathroom pose many risks, such as the paint is damaged due to mold, peeling paint, the color fades and so on.

This happens because the condition of the bathroom which tends to damp and constantly exposed to hot steam and water flow. It’s important to keep the bathroom paint for durability.

If you use the paint as the bathroom wall coatings try to notice some of the following guidelines. There are four ways that can be applied to the bathroom painted partially or completely, so that the paint used durable, among others:

1. Good air ventilation

Strip the passage of air or ventilation is very important if you want to paint the bathroom durable. If ventilation is not good to make the bathroom so humid and spoil the look of the paint. Whether it’s moldy walls, peeling paint and so on.

The window in the bathroom itself could wear open window or exhaust fan. One type of fan that could help to reduce the steam and condensate after bathroom use. Exhaust fans can be used approximately 1 hour after taking a shower.

2. Quality Paint

Selection of the type of paint is also important to make paint durable bathroom. Choose quality paint that can be applied in the shower, waterproof, mildew, and others.

Paint itself can be applied wholly or partly on the bathroom wall. For example, the area around a window or other surface that is normally used as a storage shelf.

3. Lighting right

Bathrooms need natural and artificial lighting that is appropriate to maintain the condition of the paint remains good. Likewise with the overall look of the bathroom.

The precision of the incoming light means no shortage or excess. Excessive exposure can show the fault painting, made hotter temperatures and the risk of making the paint was chipped. While the low light makes the bathroom more humid, dingy and make the paint easy to mold.

4. Using gypsum

When dry concept bathroom, it helps to use gypsum for wall coverings. Choose a moisture resistant gypsum board stronger, than the usual board.

The use of gypsum need to pay attention to the correct installation. Do not let the sanding process leaves a different texture. If necessary to do the finishing level 5. Besides, do not forget to enhance gypsum angle for best results.

6 Tips to Make Furniture More Attractive

6 Tips to Make Furniture More Attractive

Don’t get rid of your old furniture out of boredom. There is a way around the old furniture as a new look by changing the simple shapes. 6 please try the following tips:

  1. Add or replace the foot. If you choose the shape, model, and color of the right leg, a piece of furniture may appear completely different. BuzzFeed launched 19 stunning furniture after replacing his legs.
  2. Style with paper. Special print your favorite images or photographs to be attached in a closet or drawer. Like the example in the blog A Beautiful Mess. In addition you can also try it with wallpaper as suggestions Red Book Mag.
  3. Paint the door or drawer cabinets. You can do it in one or several parts of the course. Finally display remains unchanged. Or, paint the entire part with a favorite color matching or contrasting with the room where the furniture is placed.
  4. Replace hardware furniture. Eg drawer handles. It is also an example of how a small change can alter the appearance of the furniture.
  5. Split in two. This can be done if you need a smaller furnishings. Suppose a table near the door or on the bedside table. You can split into two round tables, as published in the Martha Stewart website.
  6. Change the function of the furniture. There are several examples of the transformation of the furniture. For example, a nightstand converted into pet beds. TV shelf into the bar. Chairs so the table. And many more examples of furniture that change the function.

Tips to effectively clean the coffee stains on the carpet

carpet clean tips

Average carpet made from fiber that is so easy to absorb liquid. When little spilled coffee, the carpet will be quite difficult to clean. Moreover, the absorption carpet high enough fluids to stain so quickly widened.

Then what you can do to remove coffee stains from your carpet? First, you should immediately wash water spills coffee on the carpet before it dries. Water spilled coffee freshly easier to clean. Methods to clean it is relatively simpler than the already dry and adhere.

The easiest way to clean up spilled fluid new coffee is, start from the outer and then continue up the middle. If you start from the middle, then the coffee stains will only widen.

Remember, never rub with coarse carpet. Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibers. We recommend using a pressing motion so the carpet is not damaged.

* Use a clean towel to remove coffee stains from the carpet. Emphasize repeatedly until liquid is absorbed all the coffee on the carpet. The next step, splashed cold water around the stain, and then press the carpet with a clean cloth until the stain is completely gone coffee.

As for cleaning coffee stains that have dried up, the process is actually more or less the same, just that you have to repeat it several times so that the stain is completely gone.

The method can apply to clean the coffee stain is dried by first soaking the stained area, then continue with the same process as you clean the stains from coffee spills are still new.

If the stain in a few hours or days and then appeared again, it means the coffee liquid seeped deep enough. Often after cleaning, at the edge of the area that appears tarnished ring stains on the carpet.

If that happens, try to repeat the cleaning process again. Additional process that you can apply is to put a wet towel in the area, and press for a few hours with a heavy object.

Lastly, use a fan that wet carpet area dries quickly, so it does not cause odor.

The importance of managing air quality and emissions

Pollution air

Air pollution has long been a major issue and develop in all walks of life are increasingly aware of the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

Waste Monitoring System Air commonly known “Continuous Emission Monitoring System” is more widely used in various industries that emit combustion gases continuously and very significant.

The burning process that occurs in boilers, furnaces, smelters, heater, rotary kilns and other gas emissions of CO2 and other gas impurities were able to increase the accumulation of CO2 in the air as one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming (Global Warming).

Global warming can no longer be denied serious problems as a result of disruption of the current global environmental balance of the planet.

Global warming and acid rain is something that is often a topic that continues to grow. It is caused by the increasing number of pollutants from transportation and disposal of industrial activities in addition to the reduction in plant population as a neutralizing agent such contaminants.

The government has issued regulations ambient air quality and emissions for all kinds of industrial activities and provide sanctions and the award to the company in a nurturing environment.

Your company needs to monitor air quality refers to the regulations issued by the central and local governments use sophisticated tools such as MRU Instruments gas analyzer for monitoring emissions in industrial settings. By knowing the quality of air, your company can handle air pollution and finding solutions change. It also has benefits such as precise control of air pollution; Increasing the level of environmental liabilities; Improve the performance of the company. and Comply with regulations related to air quality.

Creative Interior Design Living Room That Will Make House Looks More Beautiful

Tips prevents humid room

When you are planning to decorate the interior of the living room, certainly a lot of things that you should look. The main thing you should consider in order to produce an attractive decoration is by promoting the convenience aspect. In addition to comfort, the beauty aspect should also be considered in order to see the living room unsightly. Nowadays, you can find creative ideas for decorating the living room from a variety of sources such as blogs about home renovations or even a home design magazine that is now easily found.

You need to know that the interior of the living room sometimes play with colors which can certainly represent your personality. Are you still confused to decorate the living room in order to look more attractive and creative. Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Add attractive accents on the wall

If you like bold colors that will make the living room come alive. Try to make one side of the wall into one accent which can be one of your creative expression. One of the walls of your free garnished with any instance with several different colors.

If you are not brave enough to paint one wall with several colors simultaneously, you can choose to install the wallpaper with a specific motif such as a pattern of lines with some color or wallpaper with a floral motif.

Make a contrasting color to the ceiling of a house

The ceiling is often overlooked and usually go unpunished. And if you want a little alone provide a splash of color that will visually draw the eye and of course make your living room look more dynamic. Give a contrasting color on the ceiling and walls will make the atmosphere of the living room is so unique.

You can create effects that are to be soft if you choose a neutral color like white. And then the white color is accented contrasting color on the ceiling like a gray or a lighter color such as blue or purple. Blue or purple color is perfect for ceiling lying low because this can make the ceiling seem higher than that The real.

Put the accent color on the floor

The floor in the living room usually has a standard color as white or light brown with a reason for living room appear neutral and not too overwhelming. The floor area could actually be used as an interesting design idea that will complement the look of the living room. You can add two contrasting colors on the floor at the same time the color will bounce when exposed to light or sunlight into the room.

Today there are several types of flooring that have variegated colors eg yellow marble floor with a pattern roots. The marble floor will look beautiful because it looks that seem natural that your living room is able to promote the concept of another.

Make a kind of mural paintings on the walls of the living room

If you love a wall decoration that is not just a regular wall paint color, you can choose to create a kind of mural paintings on the living room wall. The mural paintings can be small or large-sized paintings by displaying monochromatic colors or with colorful color shades.

If you do not dare to paint it yourself, ask for help from a professional mural artist who will adjust the mural with the theme of your home so that your home still looks beautiful and does not seem like an art mural in a side street.