Building a good relationship between the broker and the buyer

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Looking for a dream home while analyzing the state of the property market is not easy. Today, many things can affect the property market. Not only of government policy, but also of economic and political influence.

Property trends also keep changing, making you need advice from experts who have years of experience.

If the first home seekers see a banner “homes for sale” along with a phone number to call or see homes sold through newspaper ads, now consumers began to switch looking for a house of her dreams through online media.

From advertising, websites and blogs, home seekers can get information directly from the property broker. This proves that the broker’s role is very important in the process of buying and selling homes.

Property broker job is unique. They do not always get the rewards of the work done. For example, they spend a lot of time to receive calls and emails from prospective buyers. After that drove them to survey the location and so forth.

But in the end not all clients so take the house. Prospective buyers who still have some other house candidates could resign and cancel the home buying and selling process.

What to do buyers?

To you who are conducting a survey in order to find a dream home, it never hurts to contact the agency to ask questions and gather some information about the house being in the drill.

But keep in mind, you should be able to distinguish when just questions or start seriously want to buy a house.

Most buyers did not understand the stages to go through when buying a house. Not as imagined, you will take many months to finally sign a letter of buying and selling homes and ready for a new house.

With a layered tier stage, you would need a broker’s role to accompany each process.

For that try to find an agent who is experienced and can be invited to communicate well.

What broker?

Professional property agents also have to understand the overall function. Not only answered questions via email, text message or telephone, but must also be able to take care of the entire process of selling the house.

Qualified broker must give impartial picture of the house in accordance with the needs of consumers.

For that to the agent, it is important to enrich the knowledge and the latest information in order respond to the needs and questions of prospective buyers. It can be obtained from the seminar, gathering and so forth.

Avoid the wrong habits when washing clothes

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Mistakes are often made people in washing is not paying attention to the character of a fabric to be washed. As a result, these materials become dull or even damaged.

The development of technology to encourage the emergence of various kinds of household appliances, including washing machines and detergents should be used.

By understanding the right way, we could have more leverage remove stains from clothes pet. Quoted from, here are six mistakes that often do when washing clothes.

Less carefully read the manual wash

Some have little concern for laundering rules common label attached to the garment. They are generally only separating the clothes by color, to avoid smearing.

Though laundering rules strongly influence the form of fibers and color quality on materials. From now on, try washing thoroughly examine the suggested rule.

For example, should use cold water or warm water. Only after that you separate the clothes by color.

Maybe you’ll need a few washing in small amounts, but trust me the results of your clothes will be more durable.

Stingy Detergents

Detergent or cleaning formula generally priced high quality clothing prices are quite expensive, but if your washing machine has a good efficiency. For that they are using liquid detergent generally give less than the recommended dose.

However, if you are stingy using detergent, dirt on clothes can not be rinsed and re-attached to the material precisely. Try to always use the amount of detergent indicated on the packaging.

Using cold water

Usually people prefer to use cold water instead of warm water because it does not risk damaging the material. Though the cold water does not always work optimally to remove stains and odors on the material.

Again, it is very important check the washing instructions label. If advised to use warm water, you should give water to a temperature slightly higher, due to changes in temperature will rapidly decrease during the washing process.

Bleaching effect

Do you often use bleach to whiten elastic material such as socks or underwear?

It should be noted that bleach has a formula that can damage the elastic fabric. As an alternative, you could replace the bleach with detergent added with a little bleach.

Not immediately remove stains

When exposed to stain your shirt, you should immediately be removed with emergency care. For example, with liquid soap and warm water or wet wipes. This is done to prevent stains attached more tightly to the fabric fibers.

Let it dry and wash it in a weekend recently will further minimize the possibility of loss of the stain permanently. Examples for blood stains, which can be removed immediately if rinsed with cold water.

Lazy to wash new clothes before use

This is one guilty pleasure is often done by many people. When buying new clothes or bedding, people rarely wash before use. And without us knowing it, usually residues former chemical manufacturing processes are still clinging to the fabric fibers.

If not washed, these chemicals can touch the skin and cause irritation. Experts suggest that a new wash clothes in cold water for a while making the material even brighter colors.

Five reasons can be cracked house walls

cracked house wall

Home sweet home is an expression of pride for anyone who already owns a house. Moreover, if the house is purchased is the result of hard work over the years.

However, when the house looks cracked, pride was noticeably reduced. To prevent these cracks, there are at least five reasons why cracks could occur on the walls of your home.

Cold weather

Erratic weather changes, especially in recent years in Indonesia, it can cause changes in your home. Because, warm or cold weather can affect building materials into expanding or shrinking.

Cracks are not necessarily directly length or width, but start at small cracks. If in your house there are walls that have cracks with minor conditions, should not be underestimated in order not to cause more serious problems.

Poor building materials

Are not circumvented, that the factor of building foundations and badly wrong house can also cause cracked walls. Building materials that are not qualified will determine the adhesion of other materials such as cement plastering process. For that, you’ll need to be smart to choose building materials and attention to the stages of the construction process until the completion stage.

Too much weight

Who would have thought overweight load factor could be the trigger of the wall became cracked. Sometimes cracks on the wall can be derived from the weight of the load placed on the floor and ceiling.

Problems structure

Conditions could allegedly cracked wall of the condition of the building structure is wrong. Conditions problematic structure usually occurs not only cracked walls, but also occurs on the doors are curved or uneven floor.

If the condition occurs in your home, you should immediately enlist the services of a building contractor to fix it. Because, if ignored will endanger your life.

Too humid

The house is too humid can also cause cracked walls. The walls were damp caused water to pour into the cracks of the foundation of your building. For example, the roof leaks are not addressed, making the water seeped through cracks in the walls.

Preferably the water flow system on the roof also should notice to avoid things harmful.

5 basic keys arrange the room

arrange room

You may never intend to make a living room look minimalist and elegant. However, after that, why would happen look boring?

Perhaps also you have ever tried to decorate your room to look nice. But after so, it felt impressed mess and make eye pain, despite all the furnishings and decor was found to be excessive.

Do not rush to explore the theme in arranging the room of the house. There are five aspects to be considered in advance, so that the room in your home can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and as designed. Here are 5 key basis in arranging space.

1. Scale: the size of the furniture critical thinking

Do not just choose a sofa that is the appropriate size for your family, but choose adequate with the room.

2. Details: playing with the positive side

Despite the small rooms of your home, highlight the best features. For example, if you have a small dining room, but the ceiling great detail, create a focal point by adding a contrasting color plus dramatic chandelier. Eye of the beholder will focus on that point.

3. Contrast: add energy in a room

A neutral color is the color safe where its use would not ‘collide’ with other colors. However, if a whole room a neutral color, it will give the impression boring. By using a range of neutral colors and bright colors used some point, a room will look more bright and energetic.

4. The focal point: to create harmony and balance

Why is it important focal point? Basically, the focal point to direct the eye on what was first seen when entered into a room. A large window or furniture could be the focus of a room. Choose one of the salient features in the room, and make furniture and other elements.

5. Variations: textures, patterns, and shine

Sometimes, furnishings and decor paced matching actually looks unimpressive. To make a room feel more personal and interesting, you need a wide variety of patterns, textures and sheen.

Considerations for selecting the form of roofs


The roof construction of the house is an important part that should not be made carelessly. The house roof as well as protector of the house from heat and rain, must be strong and sturdy. The roof shape varies minimalist home, you can choose the model roof shield, or form gable.

Shape roof of the house can be adapted to your home. For example, house minimalist type using a simple flat roof shape or form of a standard roof. Choosing a house roof forms besides adapted to house must also be adapted to the weather conditions in your area. If you are in the area of Houston, you can consult with experts of commercial roofing in Houston

If you’re lacking inspiration related forms of roof for a minimalist home, you can also search the internet or home design magazines. The roof shape adapted to the type of minimalist home.

Roof forms a modest home. You may be one simple design minimalist home owners. Roof of the house can be a simple minimalist roof shield to give the impression of a house look more luxurious. The model of this shield can be formed with a slope of 35 degrees, and comprises four sides of the field. The triangular shape for 2 Bisang and two trapezium-shaped field again.

The roof shape modern minimalist home. For this type of roof is suitable for modern minimalist house roof is a combination of a flat shape and shield. Flat roof form is used for the porch of the house. While the rear you can modify the shape of a shield. Form of flat roofs using concrete materials. You can take advantage of a flat roof to sit back looking at the natural surroundings. But one thing disadvantages when it rains, the water flow less smoothly.

If earlier you have to know the type of roof and simple modern minimalist home. Time you can take inspiration from the shape of the roof of the house that is adapted to the weather in your area.

Hot weather tends to occur in urban areas. Surely you want the coolness and tranquility inside the house. You can choose the form gable. Form gable composed of two inclined planes that intersect in the center, most people refer to it as the ridge. The slope of the roof can be 30 to 45 degrees. The advantage home will not be felt quickly heat and easier maintenance.

For this type of roof on a minimalist house in cold regions such as in the mountains or peaks, more commonly used form of a flat roof. Do not forget to give a little hole where the discharge of water when it rains. Thus with the shape of the roof, the house will feel warmer.

Besides you pay attention to other forms of roofing, you also need to adjust the shape of the roof of a minimalist home with material. Asbestos material or tile is an option to form a shield and a saddle roof. As for the flat roof model house you can choose the ingredients of concrete, asphalt tile, and bamboo blend with concrete materials.