How to Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture?

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Currently, occupancy with eco-friendly concept has become a trend in the development of the property. Not only can provide comfort, but also protecting the environment. Here are 7 tips on how to choose eco-friendly furniture in your home. Here’s his review:

1. certified wood furniture

One effort to choose furniture that is environmentally friendly is to know whether the furniture is certified or not. Certified meant to know the origin of the furniture.

2. The furniture is made by utilizing waste

Timber that last a long time means having a good quality. Some green-minded designers trying to utilize wood waste.

This timber comes from old furniture that still survive, remnants of industry, as well as former timber submerged beneath a river or lake when sent to slaughter through the flow of the river.

This is an example of efficiency while maintaining natural resources.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo can be an alternative to wood for furniture. Bamboo, which belong to plant grasses, flexible enough to be shaped into a lot of things.

In addition, because of the nature of rapid growth, mostly bamboo grows wild even without the protection of poisonous pesticides.

4. The furniture is made from recycled metal

Next is furniture made of metal have been recycled. Metal recycling process does require mechanical treatment and the course must be certified.

In the United States, for the furniture industry made from recycled metal required C2C certified (Certified Credle to Credle) issued by the specialized agencies named Herman Miller and Steelcase. With this certificate is expected to provide security for the health of consumers

5. The furniture is durable and easy to repair

The furniture is durable and easy to repair is a powerful way to choose furniture that is environmentally friendly. Furniture durable is the type of furniture that is easily dismantled to be reinstalled as needed.

6. The furniture from antique materials

Choosing furniture from antique materials is the best way and invest high. Typically, the antique furniture of material is stronger and thicker. That would be more durable.

7. Furniture purchased from the local market

If you use imported furniture, do you wonder how much fuel is used only for the delivery process? How much of the air pollution that is created just to send it?

Therefore, by purchasing furniture from a local market, you help protect the environment.

Easy way to repaint the kitchen cabinet

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Tired of seeing the look of the kitchen monotonous? Maybe it’s time you are planning a change in the room that is identical to the filthy conditions and often cause odor.

But talk about change, some people usually jump to conclusions with the meaning of ‘renovation’ which are generally costly. In fact, the change can be realized only with a little creativity alone.

One of the changes in the kitchen that did not require a large fee is repainting the cabinet. For repainting the entire cabinet, at least you will need a paint 2kg depending on the size of the cabinet itself. As a guide you in repainting the kitchen cabinet :

Choose a color

Before deciding to paint, of course you will be faced with the selection of paint colors can make the kitchen more attractive visualization.

Some colors are worth trying include red tomatoes, green pine and mint green.

Red is able to look good when paired with a polished wall with gray. While green pine is a versatile color that can be combined with other colors.

For enthusiasts of pastel colors, mint green is most appropriate for your kitchen cabinet. Characteristics fresh and soft, can be mixed with various kitchen styles both retro and modern.

As a reference, combine this with a light purple color, and voila! Your kitchen will be transformed into the style of the 80s.

Remove the cabinet doors

Do not think a job to repaint the cabinet is an easy thing. The biggest mistake most people namely paint without releasing the doors and other parts beforehand. They thought, with a brush to paint the smallest corner mini is a simple way.

Think again, how long does it take to paint the entire corner hinges and other parts of the smallest in the cabinet. The answer, surely long enough!

To be effective, release the entire door or drawer bulkhead at an appropriate step. So, you can paint the hard part is more freely on the floor, which was covered with old newspapers.

Do not forget to label each part of the door or drawer, to facilitate you when they wanted to put it back.

Clean up!

Having removed all parts of the cabinet, the next step is to clean from dust and dirt. Wear stain cleaning fluid and a soft cloth or sponge to remove stubborn dirt.

Puree surface

The following steps should be applied if the condition of the cabinet you have problems, such as holes or scratches are deep enough. Use wood putty to smooth the surface.


Do not rush to quickly polish the kitchen cabinet with new colors. Because the work of this one should not be forgotten.

So that the painting process easier and the end result is perfect, you have to smooth the entire surface of the cabinet to be polished with sandpaper.

A bit of advice, use sandpaper is equipped with a layer of 100 grit. This is because the material is made of abrasive particles, constantly able to smooth the surface of the wood completely.

Finally, paint

You arrived at the end of the process of painting the cabinet. Please note, if your kitchen cabinet previously painted with wood, then repainting must use the same type of paint. Likewise applies to cabinet painted with camphor.

The first step in painting is a good recommendation select a brush, and apply to all cabinet surfaces follow the direction of the grain. Do not paint the opposite direction because it will result in adverse effects.

After being painted, wait and let it dry for several hours. Then paint over again to get the flat and perfect.

Good luck!

Sell ​​House Quick Tricks

tips on how to quickly sell the house

Someone usually sell the house for a variety of needs and its own reasons. Just to pay the debt, wants to move to a new house, investment, or because the old house has been broken into a number of reasons why the old home is sold.

Whatever your reason for doing it, you need to apply in order to trick your home sell quickly. The house is sold at the right price and to be able to benefit you. Here’s a quick trick for you to do.

Convince Yourself to Sell Home

Living in a house that has many years you live and have to sell it as something it is heavy. As if your life has been fused with the house. However, on the one hand you do have to immediately sell your home.

Eliminate the feeling that makes you to slightly slow down the process of selling the house. Do not remember the memories that exist in the house. Ensure that the home long you live for sale. If you already have a new house elsewhere then consider that you can not wait to immediately move into a new home after your old home sold.

Keeping Cleaning

Just as the trading of goods, when you want to offer a home to consumers of the house must be in good condition. Likewise, when you want to sell the house.

Attain your house always clean. Make sure the floor, ceiling, window sills, walls, every room, including the bathroom looked clean and fragrant. So that consumers can easily be attracted to your home.

Establish Communication With Property Agent

Buying and selling can not be predicted whether to fast or longer sold. If your home does not go a long time behavior, better communication Liaise with property agents such as developer or property developer.

Pricing Sale House

It’s important to pay attention to how you determine the price of the house. Important factors that affect the price of the house is the surrounding environment.

If you live in an environment which is undergoing a property marketing then adjust the price of your home at market prices. If you’re high then you should raise the selling price. But if it is low then you will be difficult to determine the selling price is high. unless you can convince consumers to accept the price that you have set.

Doing Certainty Purchase

Every consumer who is interested in your house bid would need time to think. You need to give a grace period of certainty whether these consumers really want to buy your house or not.

Give time to think for one month to the consumer. If more than that there is no definite news then you should remove the bond with the consumer. In addition, you are also entitled to give time to other consumers. Who is most quickly provide certainty want to buy, then that is what you choose.