Easy Ways to Clean Curtains at Home


The curtains are not only maintain the privacy and contents of the house from the outside world, but also framing the windows and complement your home decor. But unfortunately, the curtain tends to absorb odors from the area around the home, such as cooking smells from the kitchen and smoke.

Besides, have you ever noticed the dust from the curtains in the last few months? Must be very thick. Be careful because the dust can damage the health. So, do not ignore the cleanliness of the curtain.

Ideally, you need to clean the blinds once in three months. The curtains that had been cleaned will make the house become brighter while keeping the freshness of the air inside and outside the home.

Here are four things to consider to keep the blinds are kept clean and in good condition.

Using a steam iron

If your curtains made of material that is heavy and difficult derived from the hook, you could use a steam iron to clean it. Previously, use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt, then use a steam iron to reduce the smell.

Using the washing machine

Depending on the curtain material, if the material is cloth you can clean with a washing machine. If your washing machine has several options settings, select the setting wash slowly.

If you are worried about the blinds will be damaged, use a washing machine just to wash curtains made from lightweight and not curtains made of heavy tend to hold water.

Wash by hand

Wash curtains by hand sometimes be a safer option to avoid damaging the curtain material. You can use commonly used detergent or detergent softer for special materials, for example fabric lace and velvet.

Use plain water or cold water, not hot water for washing. Make sure the detergent completely miscible with water before immersing the curtain in the bucket. Wash gently and rinse thoroughly.

Drying the curtain

After washing the curtains using a washing machine or simply by hand, how dry it?

Do not be tempted to put curtains in the dryer and think that this will shorten the drying process. There is a possibility curtain will tangle when dried in the machine.

A better way to dry the curtain is hung on the home page, but keep it away from direct sunlight. If possible, hanging in a windy place. Allow the blinds to dry naturally.