Design Home For The Traveler

home design for traveler

The house is a building used as a residence. But the house can also be used simply as a haven only. The activity usually carried out by the traveler or tourists. As the home for the traveler is increasingly booming discussed. Various Design House for the traveler turns sundry. Tailored to the sights and even the existing needs of the traveler.

Homes For The Traveler

The house is targeted for those who like to travel like being a traveler, then better to choose a place to stay at home a traveler. Instead of having to stay at a budget hotel with expensive then it is better to switch to a traveler home. In general, there are two options for the traveler home. The first house is devoted to the traveler. So that the traveler will fully utilize all existing facilities in the house. And the second is a home to be used as a residence by the owner of the house itself and also the traveler. So if there is a traveler who is looking for a place to stay to stay may choose this house. The advantage is their food needs is assured because the homeowner will cook dishes for the traveler in accordance with the old days of the traveler’s stay.

Design Options At Home

The traveler would feel more comfortable if the house they use to stay give comfort and tranquility. As well as the design for the house to be tidy, not much furniture, but support for the traveler to stay. For building houses one hundred percent is used by the traveler without any homeowner, then Design House tend to be roomy. The interior of the house will be simple but according to need. Even had a number of windows that much. For the traveler who is built to house close to the fields or around the house has a beautiful natural landscape, the house must have many windows. The main goal is that the traveler can still enjoy the natural scenery of the house. The interior design of the house is also very little. For the living room there is only a chair and a coffee table. Bedroom then there is only a bed with a queen size. The family room also there but usually only in the form of carpet or a long sofa. For the bathroom was also has the usual design. But the Environment for snagat not for the traveler. Because the traveler would not want to be complicated with the accommodation they choose.

Exterior Design Home

Even the exterior design of the house for the traveler is also important to note. If the condition is not outside the house neat, clean, and beautiful then the traveler would feel uncomfortable. Habits of the traveler would also have time to just sit or stroll around their homes traveler. There is a garden, fresh green grass sprawling, environment around the house fresh and clean is the design chosen by the traveler.

The house design chosen by the traveler is a fairly simple design. But the traveler still want to obtain comfort during the stay for an overnight stay. More and more design house for the traveler make the traveler can choose a house according to their current needs traveler.

7 Things You Need to Be Prepared Before Moving

move home

Moving home is exhausting. Starting from the clean up old houses, packing, hauling goods into the car, to rearrange into a new home, a clear need energy. No wonder if reluctantly raised first before you specify a date to move. In order to move the house running smoothly and keep you healthy, follow these steps:

Start at least 1 month prior preparation

So you do not rush when moving, do not do it impromptu. Specify the date moved since the previous 1-2 months and record all goods that are taken, removed, and donated.

Create a timeline, for example, in the first week you’ve had to clean up the items in the room, and then the second week you’ve had to prepare goods to be brought out of the dining room.

So, adjust the amount of room the timing of the move. If your house has six rooms, meaning at least six weeks before the date of the move, you’ve done packing.

Use a mask

When clearing the room, usually the goods will be full of dust, especially if there is an area that is rarely touched. Always use a mask and (if necessary) gloves when you clean up the goods.

Wash any dirty stuff so you do not infect the dust on a new home. Similarly antiseptic or antibacterial spray if you are not convinced by the cleanliness of the goods.

On leave

Remember, moving house was tiring. Even if you do it at weekends, it could be two days over the weekend was taken up entirely, so you do not have time to rest.

There’s nothing wrong with using vacation time for moving home, so for example you get off for a week or at least take time off to 2-3 days.

Clean up after packing

Clean the room after you pack the entire goods in it. Sweep and mop the floor back, especially the parts that were used for cabinets or tables.

Installments of goods

Yep, do transfer payments for some goods that are small, easy to carry, and does not take place in the new house.

For example, clothing, household items such as microwave, electric stove, shoes, bags, book your collection, and small rack or cabinet that fit put into the car. This is to allow you to carry more items when moving day later.

Take care of health

Moving does not mean you forget about the condition of your body. Bath every time you finish clearing a room, and make sure the body enough rest, and drink plenty of water. The limp body at risk to cause you pain after relocation.

Make moving in the morning

Relocation would be more comfortable to do in the mornings, so you still run spirit. Moving during the morning also avoid bottlenecks. So, schedule a time tidying completed since 20:00 and then you can begin to move at 07.00 tomorrow morning.