5 Types of plants that can make your bathroom beautiful

plant for bathroom

Many people who use potted plants to decorate the room. Call it from the living room, den, kitchen, to the bedroom. But not many people who decorate the bathroom with a touch of live plants. In fact, humid temperature in the shower could be an appropriate habitat for several varieties of plants.

Besides being able to sweeten the room, most of potted plants can also help purify the air. Take advantage of his presence to improve the air quality inside your home. But before selecting plants that will be placed in the bathroom, there are a few things to note.

Some types of plants that require little intake of no light, none of which require a high level of humidity, some are in need of a large area for development.

In addition, think about fitting location to put potted plants. For small plants should be put on the table or countertop. Another area that can be selected is near a window, in the corner, and hung on the wall.

Here are five types of plants are suitable to be placed in your bathroom.

Aloe Vera

These plants are often used as an ornamental pot plants. Although the intake of aloe vera requires a lot of light, but they can not be exposed to direct sunlight too much.

For that aloe vera is only suitable to be placed in the room near the window. Because of high humidity of the bathroom, then aloe vera does not need much water to survive.


Bamboo into a plant pot with the fastest growth so it is suitable selected to decorate the room. There are many ways that can be selected to control the growth of bamboo. For example, you can bind the trunk with a binder or form a hollow trunk resembles a bonsai that seems interesting.


The orchid is a species of flowers with more than 20,000 varieties. They grow well in warm temperatures and humid and very pretty if used to decorate the room.

No wonder if these plants become the most popular options to decorate a bathroom in shopping centers and offices. There are many colors of orchids, but the color white being the most popular selected.


Potted plant with dark green leaf stem is also known as snake plant. These potted plants do not need much light and water to survive. Sansiviera often placed in the corner and serves to purify the air. Easy maintenance makes it suitable to be placed indoors or outdoors.

Spider plant

Spider plant is a name that is widely used for several types of plants. But the spider plant in question here is Chlorophytum comosum. These plants belong to the plant or place water can live with the medium of air and can be aged for more than two years.

Plant height can reach 60 cm and has a narrow leaves. Spider plant popularly elected to cared for in the home for easy maintenance and absorbs toxins in the room.

How to Determine Wall Theme Bedroom

bedroom wall themes

Comfort during sleep not only be obtained from the beds being used. Bedroom wall is also important to create a person’s daily sleep comfort.

Differences in the selected color on the walls of the bedroom implies personality. Light colors or soft also has a different meaning when applied to the walls of the bedroom


Someone who enjoys the fun and sense of joy will choose warm colors on the walls of their bedroom. Colors such as orange, red and yellow may be the right choice.


Purple identified as well as the color toners can be useful for health. Purple and yellow color combination can show the dynamism of indoor rooms. Not infrequently, the members of purple accents on items such as pillows, blankets as a complement to the contents of the room.

Neutral / Modern

Someone who has a neutral personality tends to choose the color of gray or a combination of white and black on the walls of their room. This color will make the room more aesthetically minimalist.


The users tend to be classified as romantic pastel colors. Light blue, pastel pink, yellow lemon, citrus green and white can represent a person’s romantic feelings.


Retro concept would be the right choice for those who love classic concept. Various black or white stripes are combined with colors just as red, turquoise, raspberry will be the choice of these people. But not infrequently also only give the white color on the walls of their room.

Minimalist design house occupants should be supported lifestyle

minimalis home

The minimalist interior design is the most fitting applied to homes with type 36 or measuring minimal. This style became popular in urban areas where many found homes with the type of simple or small.

In addition to the architectural style and minimal interior decoration, lifestyle occupants were also needs to support in order to create a minimalist feel in the house! Curious as to what? Here are some tips that you can apply to create a minimalist shelter.

Willing to set aside most of the goods

Got home with a minimalist design make the occupants must be very clever to maximize every corner of the house to store items. It is not easy, but there are two simple steps you can take to start reducing the furnishings in each room.

  • Sort objects that are not used. Spend some time on the weekend to sort out all the stuff you keep in the closet. Ranging from clothes, shoes, books, to tableware. In addition to sale, piles of goods also will be more valuable when you donate to the foundation orphanage.
  • Investing in quality furniture. There is no harm in giving new furniture, even the price is quite high. Originally you commit to take good care, then these goods can be a long-term investment that can decorate your minimalist home make it look nicer.

Clean-up routines

Minimalist house requires extra care because of piles of stuff can make a house into a narrow instantaneous. For that you must diligently perform clean-up activities, such as the one doing the dishes immediately after use. By washing the dishes directly then you can sink looked clean and tidy whenever approached the kitchen area.

In addition, be sure to clean countertops every night before bed. Countertops is not the only table in the kitchen, but also a dressing table, dining table and coffee table. Thus the next morning you can get a positive mood after waking.

Selecting strict goods brought home

Keeping a minimalist home means that you should keep items that are neatly arranged in their respective places. This is not an easy task. After reducing unnecessary items, of course you also have to be more selective in choosing what furniture will be purchased and placed in the home. Make sure the goods are really needed and loved by you and your family.

Habits Tidy Small Area

In addition to routine daily cleaning like sweeping and washing the dishes, the homeowner must also be careful minimalist taking the time to clean up on a hidden area. For example the contents of drawers, cupboards and even a refrigerator.

Set aside about 15-20 minutes on Sunday to have a major impact this habit. Storage areas neat would facilitate homeowners seeking the required items and make the home more orderly.