Why a Match Made in Heaven Starts Down to Earth

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“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me match. Find me a find, catch me a catch.”

Spring and summer are on a collision course over the next few weeks, and we all know how that’s going to work out. Spring, as saucy and sexy as she may be will demure to the stronger rays of the sun, and give way to those long, golden days and hot nights just waiting to be filled with passion and romance. For millions of us though, unless we take steps to the contrary, will find ourselves sitting it out again. There is a way to work towards a warm, loving and compatible relationship, and that’s with the help of eHarmony. Actually, that’s with Groupon helping you get great deals on eHarmony. Deals like 50% off your membership. Moneysaving deals like 67% off standard monthly prices and a great deal on a 12-month membership that saves you even more and gives you ample time to really test the service for yourself. And using Groupon is so easy to use, all you need is a smart phone.

eHarmony uses something most of us don’t when it comes to picking a mate and that’s science. Oh, we’ll say we felt chemistry, one glance was all it took and we “knew” that person was right. Yet, in a few weeks, that rapturous feeling fades and we’re left with the truth – the chemistry is gone and so is our interest.

When you let eHarmony steer the boat, your more likely to find true, deep meaningful relationships that lead to the safe harbor of lasting connections. Their Relationship Questionnaire asks lots of questions to help avoid a mismatch. They probe deeper and get into areas you might not have the nerve to discuss for months, yet had they come up would have kept you apart in the first place, or sealed the deal right away. And talk about deal breakers, you reveal so much about your inner self you are less likely to see the spinner stop on your number if you two don’t lineup.

Don’t just trust your gut on something as important as a life partner. Millions have found true lasting love and companionship and compatibility through eHarmony. Their matches have led to more marriages than any of their competitors. And even if you’re not looking for a trip down the aisle to the altar, you can still enjoy the time along the way.