How To Easily Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

Colors Paint home interior

The walls of each room of the house should be given a different coloring. In addition to providing beauty, wall paint color differences can also psychologically affect different moods.

Living room and family room is identical to the place of assembly. In this room, a family atmosphere filled with more warmth appeared. The average home occupant selects neutral colors for this room. Like white, gray, or soft beige.

Coloring the living room wall with neutral paint colors is suitable for you who prefer to play safe in terms of decorating the house. Because neutral colors are easy to combine with furniture or home decoration with any type of color. The disadvantage, neutral color is more general so often considered uninteresting.

Bold and strong colors such as red, lemon, or other bright colors are suitable for you who like the modern atmosphere. The strength of this type of color is that it can blend contrast with the colors of its complementary furniture.

To bring a warmer atmosphere, you can choose a golden color, golden brown, or copper colors.

More Relax in Bedroom

More used as a resting place, paint color of the bedroom wall should be able to bring a feel or atmosphere of relaxation, especially if the paint used does not contain mercury and lead so that the rest can be healthier. The goal is that the occupants of the room can find comfort and tranquility while resting in his bedroom.

Selection of calm pastels are strongly recommended to paint the walls of the bedroom. You can choose sky blue, green pastel, or beige colors. Other color options can adjust to the favorite color of the owner of the room.

If you are happy to express, using a combination of two colors to paint the walls of the bedroom is also recommended. However, combining the two colors requires foresight. Because not all colors match in combination with other colors. We recommend that you select a combination of colors that still have one tone or one clump.

Many say if soft colors are more suitable for women, while men more fitting with bold colors. In fact, this assumption is not always true. What is more distinguishable between male and female bedrooms is the decoration of the house or decoration complement.

The Spirit in the Kitchen Room

Kitchen is a place of creativity. Yes, because while cooking you need creativity to produce delicious and family-lovable cuisine. But the inhabitants of the house often ignore the selection of paint color of the kitchen wall.

Often found some houses decorate the walls of his kitchen with neutral colors like white. Though white is not recommended for kitchen walls because it is easy to absorb dirty and dull.

The walls in the kitchen room also tend to be easy to damp and remove the fungus because it is often exposed to smoke and various sparks when cooking. You are encouraged to use paint products that are easy to clean.

Because it is closely related to the spirit and creativity, then to color the kitchen wall you are advised to choose bright colors and contrast. For kitchen space with a limited size or minimalist, the colors can also give the impression area. Never use color glass for your kitchen, because it will make it feel cramped and cramped.

To create beauty in your kitchen room, should also consider the color selection of furniture. Such as desks, cabinets, to dishwash sinks. A fitting combination of kitchen furniture with the color of the walls can produce a comfortable kitchen atmosphere for cooking.

5 Benefits of Living in Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Seeing studio apartments that tend to be small, usually you will think twice before occupying it. The problem is you are used to living in a house that has more space so you can relax in the other room.

While in a studio apartment, you have to settle for a room that is all one. In fact you have to cook there too. But, do not imagine that makes it uncomfortable, it’s actually he lived in studio apartment.

Save wallpaper

You want to use different cool wallpapers with other wallpapers. One of the advantages is you do not need to be wasteful to buy wallpaper.

Choose one side of the wall that will be your colorful wallpaper area, while the other walls still use a plain color.

No parts are dirty or messy

One room alone will make you more detail notice the condition of cleanliness and tidiness. If there is one part that is not clean or messy, you will immediately see it so that it can straighten it out.

In contrast to a large room, see a messy area of ​​course even make you more lazy to clean it.

Save the cost of cleaning

Lazy cleaning the apartment because of fatigue after work home? No problem, you can use cleaning services that will sweep, mop, wipe the window, to clean the carpet of your apartment.

With a small area of ​​the room, the cost is much cheaper than if you use cleaning services to clean the house with lots of room.

Free of dust even if left long

Spacious homes tend to stay dusty when you stay on vacation. Because there is still a section that has a gap. While smaller studio apartments usually do not have a gap.

You simply close all doors and windows when the holiday will be left. After the holiday apartment will remain clean or if it is dusty, you do not take long to clean it up.

The room air freshener is more effective

Want to enjoy the comfort of aromatherapy? It is more fitting if used for a room that is not too broad because the smell is more smelled and filled the room.

Turn on aromatherapy when you enjoy a break as when you read a book or are relaxing in bed.