5 Things to do when occupying a new home

moving home

After dream of buying dream house finally achieved, you certainly excited to occupy new house. Occupy a new house is fun, but of course do not get lulled because so much fun.

Remember, there are many things you should do after moving to a new home. Clear the following five things, after which you can relax in peace and comfort in the new dwelling.

1. Clear important documents

The main thing you should do after settling into a new house is to complete the maintenance of important documents. Land titles and the UN are the most important to take care of if you have a new residence.

Keep these documents in one neat container with other important documents. Put it in a safe place, but easy to take and remember so that if something happens like a disaster you can prioritize its safety.

Additionally, consider whether you need to change the domicile address on the resident identification card.

2. Sort the moving goods

After all the items are moved to a new house, sort the items. There may be items that you no longer need to be able to be dropped or granted to others.

Too many items can also make the house uncomfortable. Calculate well what items should be left, stored, and purchased new.

3. Set the furniture layout

After doing the sorting, it’s time to decorate the room. Arrange the layout of existing goods and furniture according to the style of decoration you want.

We recommend that you already have an image reference so that it will simplify and shorten your time in arranging the furniture layout.

4. Clean the whole house

After the house is neat, do the cleaning. Open all doors and windows to get air circulation. Clean all furniture, items, and space from dust and dirt. Sweep and mop the entire space in the dwelling.

You can use warm water while mopping the floor to make the floor more sterile. Do not forget to clean the window glass to keep the glass clear. Once clean, close all windows and doors.

Turn on the cooling chamber or fan and spray or install fragrance space for more comfortable dwelling.

5. Bedroom decoration

After all the public spaces, such as the living room, living room, kitchen, and dining room are finished cleaning, it’s time to switch to decorate your private bedroom.

This is important because the bedroom area will be the area of ​​your privacy that you will often use, especially for rest. Bedroom decoration suits your preferences. Make it as comfortable as possible so you can feel at home and be able to enjoy your new home.