3 Tips Small Room Decorating Your Home

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The size of a small house need not limit your creativity in decorating. Here are some decorating tips that you can do on a small-sized house.

The beauty of the house does not depend on the size of the house. The small house can be beautiful and comfortable if you are clever in maximizing space. To that end, here are three important tips in decorating a small room to make it look more spacious.

1. Consider furniture

In accordance with the physical condition of the rooms were small, in choosing furniture is important for you to watch. The rooms were small need smaller furniture or lighter when compared to the large house.

This time you have to resist the urge others like you want to install a large sofa, a table that is too large, or a large bed. You’ll want to choose furniture multipurpose.

We have had a lot of furniture such as beds underneath serves as storage drawers, cabinets can be a desk, or a door that could be a bookcase. In essence, you are keen to combine as much as possible spot into a function room and furniture.

2. Pay attention to decor

In addition to the furniture, around the decoration of the room is also very important to make the seemingly spacious room. For example, use a glass or mirror that can reflect light. Few tips, you can put a glass or a mirror on the wall near the bed sleeping.

Another tip, use curtains high and over the ends of the window sills. This trick is also intended to make your room look spacious. Finally, use of natural lighting, not too many accents and ornaments.

3. Pay attention to the color and pattern design

Playing in a choice of colors and design patterns is also important to decorate a small space. Avoid dark colors that dominate the election. Therefore, the effect of dark colors make a room look smaller. So, just use a dark color as an accent color only. For example used for the murals on the walls.

The use of accent strip or paint lines used in the walls of your home can also give the impression of broad and high ceiling of the house. Few tips before you paint, choose the same color. Especially for the ceiling of the room you could use a bit of bright colors such as white or beige.

Color or textured coating can also still apply. But the record does not dominate the room. Give the impression of contrast with a variety of bright colors and matching the base color texture earlier.

Important notes when they want to make a pattern on a small room, is still considering a ratio of 2: 1 with the understanding the two patterns to small scale or texture with a pattern that is a bit thick to add to the appeal.