5 basic keys arrange the room

arrange room

You may never intend to make a living room look minimalist and elegant. However, after that, why would happen look boring?

Perhaps also you have ever tried to decorate your room to look nice. But after so, it felt impressed mess and make eye pain, despite all the furnishings and decor was found to be excessive.

Do not rush to explore the theme in arranging the room of the house. There are five aspects to be considered in advance, so that the room in your home can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and as designed. Here are 5 key basis in arranging space.

1. Scale: the size of the furniture critical thinking

Do not just choose a sofa that is the appropriate size for your family, but choose adequate with the room.

2. Details: playing with the positive side

Despite the small rooms of your home, highlight the best features. For example, if you have a small dining room, but the ceiling great detail, create a focal point by adding a contrasting color plus dramatic chandelier. Eye of the beholder will focus on that point.

3. Contrast: add energy in a room

A neutral color is the color safe where its use would not ‘collide’ with other colors. However, if a whole room a neutral color, it will give the impression boring. By using a range of neutral colors and bright colors used some point, a room will look more bright and energetic.

4. The focal point: to create harmony and balance

Why is it important focal point? Basically, the focal point to direct the eye on what was first seen when entered into a room. A large window or furniture could be the focus of a room. Choose one of the salient features in the room, and make furniture and other elements.

5. Variations: textures, patterns, and shine

Sometimes, furnishings and decor paced matching actually looks unimpressive. To make a room feel more personal and interesting, you need a wide variety of patterns, textures and sheen.