5 Paint Color Combinations For minimalist

color combinations

Selection of matching paint color combination is great support in creating the impression of an expensive house and magnificent. Dozens of paint color choices available in material stores often makes us become very dizzy have to choose which one. Whereas if we are wrong, the resulting color combinations will make your home look to be bad. Especially if your home is a type of minimalist home. Of course the selection of error will cause the loss of color combination looks luxurious and elegant home. Therefore, insight into the selection of color combinations is very necessary.

To obtain such insight, it helps you listen to some examples of paint color combinations that might be a reference for your minimalist home.

1. Choose a combination of black and gray

To give effect to the firm and luxury homes, you can choose a combination of these colors. Apply black paint on the narrow course. As for the gray paint, you can painting in a wider area. That way, your house not only looks luxurious, but also look spacious and comfortable.

2. The combination of black and purple

To bring home a dynamic impression, you can try a combination of black and purple paint. Choose the color purple is not too old to make it look soft and pleasing to the eye.

3. The combination of orange and beige

If you want to bring home a festive impression, you can choose a combination of beige and orange paint. Preferably, the color orange will you use are light orange. Not too old because it will effect a little excessive.

4. The combination of gray and pink

Paint color combinations of gray and pink is suitable for those who wish to bring home an elegant appearance. Instead, you highlight the color gray as the color pink is more suitable to be used as a distraction only.

5. The combination of gray and green

Combination of gray and light green is very fitting applied minimalist home is a beautiful environment. Because, so your house will look more airy and pleasing to the eye.