5 Tallest Building in the World

talles building in the world

The presence of a skyscraper in the middle of the city life has not become something new. These buildings sometimes have fantastic high to have hundreds of floors in it.

Skyscraper buildings, will look more beautiful at night time as casting multicolored light unsightly. The existence of skyscraper buildings is also hunted by photographers for being the object of interest.

Of the many skyscrapers that stand, there is a building that has been named as the highest building in the world, because of its height awesome these buildings even received various awards.

Here are five of the highest buildings in the world. Such as what form the building’s fifth?

1. Burj Khalifa

The building which was inaugurated in 2010 has a 829.8 meter high and make it the tallest building in the world today. The building is located in Dubai has 9 hotels, 3 hectares of parkland, 19 residential mall, tower, 30,000 houses and 12 hectares of artificial lakes.

2. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

The next high-rise building located in the city of Mecca ie Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel. The hotel has a 601 meters high. Construction of the building itself takes 10 years (2002-2012). The hotel is not far from Masjdil Haram.

3. One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is located in New York, United States. The building which has another name Freedom Tower Airport has reached a height of 541.3 meters.

4. International Commerce Center (ICC Tower)

ICC Tower has a height of up to 484 meters. This is the tallest building in Hong Kong, precisely in the area of ​​Kowloon. ICC Tower has as many as 118 floors.

5. Petronas Tower

Berda building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at a height of 451.9 meters. This building was listed as the world’s tallest twin towers with 88 floors.