5 Tips on decorating a child’s room to feel at home

decorating a child's room

Homes and bedrooms are important areas for children. For the little one, the house and bedroom are places where he can feel comfortable and get the peace. Therefore, it is important to decorate the child’s room to feel comfortable.

Good room decoration will also have a positive impact on child growth. In addition, the child becomes comfortable to stay in his own room. This is good for parents to more easily control their activities.

And here are some tips for decorating your child’s room.

1. Theme room

Giving a theme to children’s room decoration is very important for children to stimulate their imagination and creativity. You can choose a theme based on your favorite hobby or hobby, such as sports themes, favorite animations, animals, and more.

The existence of decoration theme can be realized on the wall area, bedding mattress, bed, ornaments in the room decoration and more. By bringing up his favorite theme, the child will prefer his own room.

2. Color

Children’s room should be cheerful nuances. Choose a bright color to decorate a child’s room. Bright colors not only pink or blue only, can also green lime, yellow, purple, pastel and so forth.

No problem also if you want to use neutral colors like black, white, gray. The most important color of this room can be aligned with the existing space theme.

3. Furniture

Choosing furniture for children can not be arbitrary. At least there are two furniture that is crucial for children, namely the bed and desk study. You must choose it according to the room area. Also adjust also to the needs of children.

For bedding you can choose single bed type. However, choose a quality mattress because the child needs comfort to rest. If the rest is comfortable, he will always be fit when he goes to school.

Always note also the safety factor when choosing furniture for children’s room.

4. Complete the room

Make a room that meets all the needs of the child. Provide all the facilities such as toys, drawing tools, stationery, where he distributes hobbies, and places to learn.

But as much as possible do not put television and video games in the child’s room. Do not forget to always put water and snacks so he will not starve.

5. Space Exploration

At the age of growth, a child’s hobby explores everything. Give leeway to him to be able to explore and be creative in his room.

You can create an exploration corner by providing a blank wall for him to doodle, sticking his favorite stickers, and so on. This can train his creativity and vent his motor needs.