5 Tricks Caring for plants in the house


Presenting the plants in the house can make the room more beautiful and cool without using AC. Caring for houseplants also be a solution for those who do not have land for gardening.

When deciding to maintain plants in the house, a lot of things that need to be considered because the plants are brought into the home will be a little exposure to sunlight is used to grow.

So many aspects that need to be taken to ensure that the plants in the house can last longer and make the room feel comfortable. You must be diligent to care for your plants if you do not want to die quickly.

How to care for the plants in the house well? Here are five tricks in between.

1. Select Mixed Light

The important thing to note is a mixture of plant seed sowing, planting make sure the mixture has a light weight.

2. Lighting

Select where to save the plant close to lighting that is easily obtainable by plants. Can close the window or put on some neon lights to encourage the growth of seedlings.

3. Spread Seeds

Put the plant in a box containing a mixture of soil and fertilizer, the contents of sufficient water and allow to soak into the ground thoroughly before sowing seeds. Sow the seeds evenly around 1-2 on the surface of the planting media mix.

4. Close the container

To keep the pot remains high humidity, cover the plant with a plastic box that has been hollowed out until sprouts growing out of the ground, roughly takes up to six weeks. Try to keep the plant not too wet because it makes rapid seedling rot.

5. Give Notes

Attach a small paper in each box plants bearing the name of the plant, the age and development of plants you keep. This is to allow you to continue to monitor the development of each plant.