6 Mistakes in Home Interior Design

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Determine the design and arrange the interior of the house is not easy. Many of the furnishings, accessories, and furniture may look beautiful in a shop window or a shopping catalog, but when brought home the result is not as pretty as imagined.

Knowing the common mistakes that are common in laying out the interior as important as knowing how good arrangement. Here are the mistakes that are often made in designing the interior of the house.

Make Crowded Room

Too much furniture, furnishings, or accessories in one room may make it feel crowded and hard to move. What you actually need is to fill the room not to look empty, but at the same time relieved and freely.

If the room has been felt too full or solid, try to sort stuff in it so the three categories. First, items that are useful. Second, the stuff that matters. Third, the goods do not need to exist. Then, get rid of all the stuff that falls in the third category.

Goods are not Proportional

Whether you buy furniture that is too large or too small for the room of your house, the result is the same. The room will be felt not balanced and strange. Therefore, before you choose or buy furniture, make sure you consider its size. Make sure your room size, good length, width, or height.

Creating Lighting Crummy

Lighting is very important factor in decorating the room. To get the rooms were beautiful and comfortable, try to have the supply of natural lighting as much as possible. Do not use curtains or blinds carelessly resulting in the blocking of light from outside. To optimize the lighting, you may also place a mirror on the opposite side of the room with a window.

Paint the walls Before Specifying Color Furniture

People are used to paint the walls of their homes completely, and then look for furniture with the appropriate color. Yet this is more difficult than the other way around. It would be easier if the paint color for the walls, you choose based on the color of the furniture you have.

Bring samples of materials of your furniture or examples of the same color to the paint shop. Choose a paint color that you think are mismatched. In choosing paint for the walls, also consider the effect of the light changes from time to time in the day. Certain colors may look nice in the morning, but not chic in the afternoon.

Aperture interfere Window

Installing curtains actually work tricky. If you are installing a curtain stalk is too low, the result will be noticeably smaller rooms. Window feels more cramped. Therefore, stalk curtains should be installed as high as possible closer to the ceiling.

N Point Center Attention

A focal point in the room will be presenting directions and order. This focal point can be anything big and brawny, like a window or a large painting on the wall. The focal point will be the first thing people see when entering the room. Moreover, the layout of furniture, furnishings, and accessories follow the direction from this point.