6 Reasons Why Architects Must Write Blogs

Why Architects Must Write Blogs

Writing is one process of outlining ideas and conveying thoughts. Writing, as a product and a thought, is important for anyone, including architects.

In the era of the internet where everyone is easy to network and disseminate opinions and his work, writing a blog can complement the architectural practices that run an architect. Writing blogs for architects can have a significant impact on the business they run. Combining writing with design helps architects build strong online presence, reach new audiences and get feedback from clients.

Writing about architecture by writing about the theory of architecture are two things that are clearly different. Architectural theories reach more specific audiences (niche), such as academics, for example. If you are an architect and want to write a blog that can have an impact on your business, write down issues that are close to people’s lives, but of course most of all, you must also have the ability to write. You can also show off sketches of your work, current projects, or recent developments within your company. It essentially communicates ideas that can help your business and market your brand.

In addition to having good content, in blogging you should also have a well designed website. It is also important to associate the penyabarannya by involving some social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so forth. Make writing a habit as part of everyday life and as an extension of your architectural work that leads to success.

Here are 6 reasons why architects should write blogs

Has Authority

The first rule of blog writing is to determine your traits. Providing thematic and consistent content will make your blog more specific and recognizable. In architecture, you can create blogs related to your specialization, such as residential architecture, commercial buildings, renovations, and so on. This will instill trust among your readers and help you to share knowledge with the reader. Your practical experience and the interests you pour will give you a big picture of yourself as an expert in the eyes of the reader.

Building Audiences

Writing blogs has become a good tool for entrepreneurs, as it helps build reputation and expand market reach. Blogs are a great place where you can market your brand and reach new clients. If you have a smart content writing strategy, this will help you have followers (follower). Once you get a lot of followers, you can test your new ideas and offer services.

Growing Network (Network)

Blogging can give you the opportunity to interact and have different networks. You can invite colleagues in school and friends to become guest bloggers and make yourself an expert being interviewed. That way, you will have the potential to become a speaker at events. Blogging not only builds relationships online, but also makes you mingle personally and meet other professionals, who may very well come from different fields and backgrounds. Personal relationships built can bring more exposure and relevance to your blog and your design practice.

Telling Your Story

It is common knowledge that people can relate better to a story than to conventional presentations, including in the work of architects. Having a blog can provide a new experience for your audience and bring them closer to your work. Blogs can be a good tool for documenting and storing your thought-based archives and projects that are presented with story telling.

Getting Feedback

Spreading your blog posts to the world allows you to get feedback on your work and your work. Once you expand your readers’ reach, the feedback you get from them can help you to examine ideas, build an analytical approach to completed projects and prepare something new for your work in the future. You become an easily accessible architect, be it via email or comment field.

Inspire Others

Loving what you do, producing exciting work and dedication, and your love of the discipline you have chosen can inspire others. Do your job as an architect as well as possible, showcase your best works and other architectural designs that inspire you. Your shared experience may provide new enlightenment and lessons for others.