Avoid the wrong habits when washing clothes

washing tips

Mistakes are often made people in washing is not paying attention to the character of a fabric to be washed. As a result, these materials become dull or even damaged.

The development of technology to encourage the emergence of various kinds of household appliances, including washing machines and detergents should be used.

By understanding the right way, we could have more leverage remove stains from clothes pet. Quoted from domain.com.au, here are six mistakes that often do when washing clothes.

Less carefully read the manual wash

Some have little concern for laundering rules common label attached to the garment. They are generally only separating the clothes by color, to avoid smearing.

Though laundering rules strongly influence the form of fibers and color quality on materials. From now on, try washing thoroughly examine the suggested rule.

For example, should use cold water or warm water. Only after that you separate the clothes by color.

Maybe you’ll need a few washing in small amounts, but trust me the results of your clothes will be more durable.

Stingy Detergents

Detergent or cleaning formula generally priced high quality clothing prices are quite expensive, but if your washing machine has a good efficiency. For that they are using liquid detergent generally give less than the recommended dose.

However, if you are stingy using detergent, dirt on clothes can not be rinsed and re-attached to the material precisely. Try to always use the amount of detergent indicated on the packaging.

Using cold water

Usually people prefer to use cold water instead of warm water because it does not risk damaging the material. Though the cold water does not always work optimally to remove stains and odors on the material.

Again, it is very important check the washing instructions label. If advised to use warm water, you should give water to a temperature slightly higher, due to changes in temperature will rapidly decrease during the washing process.

Bleaching effect

Do you often use bleach to whiten elastic material such as socks or underwear?

It should be noted that bleach has a formula that can damage the elastic fabric. As an alternative, you could replace the bleach with detergent added with a little bleach.

Not immediately remove stains

When exposed to stain your shirt, you should immediately be removed with emergency care. For example, with liquid soap and warm water or wet wipes. This is done to prevent stains attached more tightly to the fabric fibers.

Let it dry and wash it in a weekend recently will further minimize the possibility of loss of the stain permanently. Examples for blood stains, which can be removed immediately if rinsed with cold water.

Lazy to wash new clothes before use

This is one guilty pleasure is often done by many people. When buying new clothes or bedding, people rarely wash before use. And without us knowing it, usually residues former chemical manufacturing processes are still clinging to the fabric fibers.

If not washed, these chemicals can touch the skin and cause irritation. Experts suggest that a new wash clothes in cold water for a while making the material even brighter colors.