Beautify Table Lamp with Ropes

table lamp ropes

No need to pay expensive to make your home space look nice and unique. During any creative you can also create a variety of interesting ideas to beautify the room of the house.

One of them such as decorating lamp using a rope. Yes, using the ropes to see the home room will look more natural and unique. Ropes often forgotten its use, whereas brown strap is able to create the impression of rustic, ethnic and natural at the same time in your home.

Are you interested to use it? You can try some of these tips!

1. Equipment Used

Equipment used for making ornaments is actually very simple. You only need glue, rope, scissors and a table lamp as a creative medium.

2. How to Decorate

So how? The way is easy, you just wrapped the rope on which wants decorated lamps. Do not forget when wrapping the rope you also have to provide the glue, the goal that the rope is not easily separated.

3. Create a Pattern Coil Cords With Creative

Creative was as creative as possible, roping pattern to your liking, so you can make an artistic decoration lights.