A Healthy Body Starts from a Healthy House

Healthy House

Yes, most of your time may be spent more at home. And if you often feel sick while at home then the possibility of your residence is not healthy. To keep you healthy, here are some steps you can take.

1. Maintain cleanliness of the house

Cleanliness is the most important part to maintain health. An unclean environment can easily bring disease. So, routinely sweep, mop, wash clothes, clean the pool, wipe glass and others.

This will indirectly affect your personal health. Doing clean-up activities is also part of the sport, loh! The body will sweat as it continues to move, as a result the body becomes healthy.

2. Maintain medicinal plants

In addition to maintaining ornamental plants, try to maintain medicinal plants for families in the yard of the house. Some medicinal plants that are easy to plant, namely turmeric, ginger, kencur, temulawak, celery, god leaves, belimbing wuluh, betel, brotowali, and aloe vera.

Plants have their respective properties, especially to overcome the symptoms of mild illness. Maintaining medicinal plants can also minimize consumption of medicines.

3. Eat healthy foods

Do not take lightly the food that goes into your body. Try to start keeping food. Try to always eat healthy food.

Healthy eating standard in the form of four healthy five perfect with portions to taste. Reduce fastfood, fatty foods, and too much carbohydrates.

4. Using water purifier

Air is an important element that must be kept clean. Therefore, it is important to have good air circulation inside the house. You can use the help of air filter or air purifier to keep the air clean inside the house.

The air generated by this tool is 95% cleaner because it has gone through the filtration stage. In addition to filtering the air becomes cleaner, water purifier can also remove viruses and bacteria, remove odor, and prevent the occurrence of fungus.

5. Sport at home

Lazy go to the gym? Why not just create an indoor gym? It’s easy, really. Just prepare an empty space and a yoga mat or carpet mat then you can start exercising at your home.

You can use the back porch of the house, garden, family room, or if you have free space, you can maximize it to a gym. Complete with simple equipment, such as skipping, dumbbells, and gym ball.

Always Messy your home? This solution!

decoration home

Clearing house is the work of the most troublesome and troublesome, so often we feel lazy to do it. We often rely on auxiliary power only to the affairs of this one, so that when it comes time to return home helper license or it suddenly stopped working, guess who panicked and scrambling? Yes, you.

But not to worry. Many practical ways that can be done to keep the house kept tidy every day. Here are tips that you can make the guidelines for clearing clutter your house quickly!

Clean Regularly

Well, our bad habits in terms of wrong-usually settle this is our attitude that often procrastinate. A thousand kinds of denial usually always comes to mind when you already intend to conduct these activities on a regular basis. Good habits can not appear alone, all must be trained. Therefore train regularly clean up the habit by making a brief schedule every two or three days. After a long run consistently, you will become accustomed to clean regularly.

Provide Emergency Box in every room

Always provide a large box or basket as a place to put stuff on the floor quickly. To avoid strange impression with the Box that suddenly appeared in every room, Adjust color or pattern of the Box and basket with a design decor in every room of your home.

Get rid of unnecessary!

Perhaps you often pile up the old stuff at home, be it old clothes that have been outgrown or carcasses of electronic items that have been damaged. because he thinks “someday” the item will be used again. This habit is good because it can save you money when compared should always buy new stuff. But often times, these items settles for months to years more in your home. If this is the case already sign you remove them from your house, because obviously they will never be used again, until whenever.

Prioritizing hygiene are often used guest room

For those who are forced to clean because there are important guests who will come suddenly, Just clean room that is often used by guest, such as the front porch, living room, dining room and bathroom. Close all the bedroom doors and warehouses that house neat impressed overall.

Provide Tissue or Lap total Maybe

Suddenly there is food and drinks spilled on the table? With a tissue and wipes, everything can be resolved. Almost every day we have to deal with small stubborn stains caused by food, beverages, markers, and other objects on furniture or the floor. Therefore provide a tissue and wipe clean as much as possible, so that could soon be used when needed.

Provide Special room to hide Objects Messy

A pile of crumpled clothes that have not been resolved yet ironed and folded, but important guest had already come? Quiet! Immediately evacuate them all to a safe hiding place unknown guests, then immediately wipe tables, chairs, and the floor that looks clean and fresh. Well, after a new home, you can come back to deal with the rumpled clothes that have been waiting for you take care of them.

Tips for Choosing and Caring Sofa

Tips for Choosing and Caring Sofa

Who says only the house or land that can be used as an investment? Some objects interior can also be used as an investment. Usefulness means seated sofa is as comfortable and relaxed. Commonly used in the living room, family room, or other space, depending on needs. But if the sofa is chosen did not fit or ultimately disappointing after being purchased, it is unfortunately the money that has been issued for the furniture.

Sofa necessary attention and care for durability. Here are some tips on choosing and caring for your pet sofa:

  1. Before buying, make sure the couch is selected in accordance with the character of the room. Do not be tempted just because of trends or see someone else’s.
  2. Be sure and note the material on the sofa. For this section we can see from the foam component that is responsible for maintaining the texture of the sofa. Note also the element of texture and coating materials or upholstery.
  3. Consider the style and material sofa with the condition of the house. If your home is small, choose a simple or classic with soft colors to avoid being too dense. Preferably, the big house could choose a modern style sofas, art decoration or Victoria to give the impression of luxury. For the home studio models can in a minimalist style, simple, classic, up to hi-tech.
  4. The arrangement adapted to function and space requirements. Sofa for the living room should wear two or three seats, depending on the area of ​​the room.
  5. Size limited space, it’s good not filled with too big sofa because it will “drown” the other furniture.
  6. Protect your sofa with a chemical drug that serves as a dust protector, in addition to protecting the threat of damage caused by the pet or human error factor.
  7. Do not place the sofa in the room which has large windows so that dust does not easily enter and damage the color. Do not also put the sofa adjacent to a large unlit lamps, because there are certain materials that easily reacts with bright light.
  8. Clean the sofa using a special cleaning services sofa that has a full equipment so that appropriate treatment.

Avoid the wrong habits when washing clothes

washing tips

Mistakes are often made people in washing is not paying attention to the character of a fabric to be washed. As a result, these materials become dull or even damaged.

The development of technology to encourage the emergence of various kinds of household appliances, including washing machines and detergents should be used.

By understanding the right way, we could have more leverage remove stains from clothes pet. Quoted from domain.com.au, here are six mistakes that often do when washing clothes.

Less carefully read the manual wash

Some have little concern for laundering rules common label attached to the garment. They are generally only separating the clothes by color, to avoid smearing.

Though laundering rules strongly influence the form of fibers and color quality on materials. From now on, try washing thoroughly examine the suggested rule.

For example, should use cold water or warm water. Only after that you separate the clothes by color.

Maybe you’ll need a few washing in small amounts, but trust me the results of your clothes will be more durable.

Stingy Detergents

Detergent or cleaning formula generally priced high quality clothing prices are quite expensive, but if your washing machine has a good efficiency. For that they are using liquid detergent generally give less than the recommended dose.

However, if you are stingy using detergent, dirt on clothes can not be rinsed and re-attached to the material precisely. Try to always use the amount of detergent indicated on the packaging.

Using cold water

Usually people prefer to use cold water instead of warm water because it does not risk damaging the material. Though the cold water does not always work optimally to remove stains and odors on the material.

Again, it is very important check the washing instructions label. If advised to use warm water, you should give water to a temperature slightly higher, due to changes in temperature will rapidly decrease during the washing process.

Bleaching effect

Do you often use bleach to whiten elastic material such as socks or underwear?

It should be noted that bleach has a formula that can damage the elastic fabric. As an alternative, you could replace the bleach with detergent added with a little bleach.

Not immediately remove stains

When exposed to stain your shirt, you should immediately be removed with emergency care. For example, with liquid soap and warm water or wet wipes. This is done to prevent stains attached more tightly to the fabric fibers.

Let it dry and wash it in a weekend recently will further minimize the possibility of loss of the stain permanently. Examples for blood stains, which can be removed immediately if rinsed with cold water.

Lazy to wash new clothes before use

This is one guilty pleasure is often done by many people. When buying new clothes or bedding, people rarely wash before use. And without us knowing it, usually residues former chemical manufacturing processes are still clinging to the fabric fibers.

If not washed, these chemicals can touch the skin and cause irritation. Experts suggest that a new wash clothes in cold water for a while making the material even brighter colors.

The importance of managing air quality and emissions

Pollution air

Air pollution has long been a major issue and develop in all walks of life are increasingly aware of the importance of a clean and healthy environment.

Waste Monitoring System Air commonly known “Continuous Emission Monitoring System” is more widely used in various industries that emit combustion gases continuously and very significant.

The burning process that occurs in boilers, furnaces, smelters, heater, rotary kilns and other gas emissions of CO2 and other gas impurities were able to increase the accumulation of CO2 in the air as one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming (Global Warming).

Global warming can no longer be denied serious problems as a result of disruption of the current global environmental balance of the planet.

Global warming and acid rain is something that is often a topic that continues to grow. It is caused by the increasing number of pollutants from transportation and disposal of industrial activities in addition to the reduction in plant population as a neutralizing agent such contaminants.

The government has issued regulations ambient air quality and emissions for all kinds of industrial activities and provide sanctions and the award to the company in a nurturing environment.

Your company needs to monitor air quality refers to the regulations issued by the central and local governments use sophisticated tools such as MRU Instruments gas analyzer for monitoring emissions in industrial settings. By knowing the quality of air, your company can handle air pollution and finding solutions change. It also has benefits such as precise control of air pollution; Increasing the level of environmental liabilities; Improve the performance of the company. and Comply with regulations related to air quality.