Duties and Responsibilities of a Underwater Welder

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An underwater Welder must be able to demonstrate not only the skills but also qualifications dive welding. Underwater welder is also known as an offshore welder and they must have the ability to control and manage the heavy welding equipment in a hazardous working environment. This article will discuss about the duties and responsibilities as well as the ability to be possessed by Welder underwater.

Duties and responsibilities of underwater Welder

They are required to work with various types of welding equipment to follow specific procedures are set to complete a given task. Some of the tasks that must be able to be done by an underwater welder are: inspection and non-destructive testing, underwater photography, underwater cutting, drafting, fittings and rigging. Sometimes, underwater divers are also required to work with project planning manager. They were asked to provide assistance in the field of management and public relations therefore they are also required to have good communication skills and interpersonal skills which usually helps them to work well with other employees.

Educational and other requirements

The first requirement is that an underwater Welder must have a commercial diving certification. This certification is offered by many schools offer diving courses. There are many schools that offer diving certification, but it is important to note that different commercial diver certification, and substitution can not be made regardless of experience level. In addition, there are other requirements that can not be ignored even if someone has extensive experience in the field so it can be given certification. These requirements include the ability to use and handle a variety of diving equipment, underwater inspection, demonstrated ability in communication divers, diving physiology and emergency procedures and operation of the hyperbaric chamber.

Welder underwater welding is required to have skills that meet the requirements, knowledge and the ability to prepare and adjust the welding parameters. Most of the welding program offered in educational facilities in the country approved by the American Welding Society and therefore an underwater Welder can benefit from the skills Welder underwater. Internationally recognized training in underwater welding is exclusively granted in the US by the Commercial Diving Academy.

There is no age limit to become an underwater welder however, what is needed is a good physical condition and able to perform duties as a professional underwater welder. Most companies need people who can pass inspection requirements and excellent physical condition.