Five reasons can be cracked house walls

cracked house wall

Home sweet home is an expression of pride for anyone who already owns a house. Moreover, if the house is purchased is the result of hard work over the years.

However, when the house looks cracked, pride was noticeably reduced. To prevent these cracks, there are at least five reasons why cracks could occur on the walls of your home.

Cold weather

Erratic weather changes, especially in recent years in Indonesia, it can cause changes in your home. Because, warm or cold weather can affect building materials into expanding or shrinking.

Cracks are not necessarily directly length or width, but start at small cracks. If in your house there are walls that have cracks with minor conditions, should not be underestimated in order not to cause more serious problems.

Poor building materials

Are not circumvented, that the factor of building foundations and badly wrong house can also cause cracked walls. Building materials that are not qualified will determine the adhesion of other materials such as cement plastering process. For that, you’ll need to be smart to choose building materials and attention to the stages of the construction process until the completion stage.

Too much weight

Who would have thought overweight load factor could be the trigger of the wall became cracked. Sometimes cracks on the wall can be derived from the weight of the load placed on the floor and ceiling.

Problems structure

Conditions could allegedly cracked wall of the condition of the building structure is wrong. Conditions problematic structure usually occurs not only cracked walls, but also occurs on the doors are curved or uneven floor.

If the condition occurs in your home, you should immediately enlist the services of a building contractor to fix it. Because, if ignored will endanger your life.

Too humid

The house is too humid can also cause cracked walls. The walls were damp caused water to pour into the cracks of the foundation of your building. For example, the roof leaks are not addressed, making the water seeped through cracks in the walls.

Preferably the water flow system on the roof also should notice to avoid things harmful.