Get Clean Before Christmas


What do you think of when you think of the Holidays? There’s all sorts of things that come to mind. For some of us, it’s putting a jolly old St. Nick up on top of the house. Some of us will settle just for putting a star on top of the three. And who can forget the Christmas lights? December is just filled with dazzling rows of green, blue and red decorations that blaze into the night.

It all makes for a cup of holiday cheer. We get together with people we love, celebrate the past year, and enjoy the feeling of waking up on Christmas Day. The children get up and rush to the tree for their presents.You know what we talk about less, though? The stress. Those presents have to get bought, and nobody’s going to share a cup of cheer when the house is a mess!

At Duggins Services we know that before any of the festivities begin, the house has to be nice and tidy. That means getting an early start on winter cleaning. Before you get slammed by the holidays, start planning ahead to take care around the house. That way, you won’t be in a rush to get everything ready for the relatives.