Get rid of this object 6 Bathroom

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The bathroom is a room that is used for self-cleaning activity. Generally, the bathroom contains a toilet and taps. Over time, a lot of equipment or furniture that is placed in the bathroom, either for decoration or needs, such as small plants and sink.

However, you need to remember that there are some things that should not be stored in the bathroom. Here’s his review.

1. Makeup

Cosmetology equipment or make-up is the hard part is released from the woman. While the bathroom is the perfect place to apply, especially if there is a large mirror along with a sink.

In fact, legitimate to wear makeup in the bathroom. New problems will arise when you keep makeup in it.

Makeup should be stored at normal room temperature that is 20-25 degrees Celsius. Temperature own bathroom often change when a person used for bathing. Instead, keep makeup in the bedroom or any other room with normal temperature.

2. Medications

It is common if it finds any special medicine cabinet in the bathroom. The cabinet doors are usually fitted with a mirror and placed on the sink.

However it turns out, keep the medicine in the bathroom is not recommended. Because, like makeup, the drug should be kept away from a humid room and placed at normal room temperature. If not stored in a cool, dry room, these drugs will lose its effectiveness.

3. Electronics are not waterproof

Listen to songs in the bath is very pleasant indeed. But, you have to stop the habit. Keep your iPod or radio from the bathroom. High humidity can make your stuff vulnerable to damage.

4. Razors reserves

Certainly there is no place better to shave the hair, except in the bathroom. However, do not let your blade is damaged before you use it.

Keep your backup razor outside the bathroom to keep them from steam and moisture. Thus, the razor is not rapidly blunt and rusty.

Drying razors that you use before and after shaving is also a good idea. Additionally, you can also store a backup razor blade in a plastic bag to block moisture.

5. Jewelry

There is never a straight person wearing jewelry immediately after bathing. Then, why should store jewelry in a damp place?

Bathroom environment is very hostile to the jewelry and will accelerate the oxidation process. It can fade the color of the jewelry faster. Store jewelry in a cool, dry room.

6. Linen

The bathroom is one room into a place of mites and fungi growing fast. Save linen, such as towels, outside the bathroom.

If you want to put in the bathroom, you should install an exhaust fan. This fan will help the air out of the room and drying towels after use.