Green and white shades In Bathroom

green color white bathroom

Everyone would prefer to have a large and spacious bathroom and to be able to decorate it the way they want. But just because you’re stuck with the small bathroom does not mean that you can not make the best. You can come up with some wonderful decorating ideas for the bathroom and there are also some tricks that can help you distract from the size of the bathroom for a charming decoration.

Like the idea of ​​a simple bathroom in a contemporary style. As you can see, designers working with this room does not have a lot of space to be used. However, the results are very stylish and beautiful. To avoid using too much space with decor and fixtures, you try to use the spotlight.

In the room adjacent to the bath, there is storage space that is simple and sleek which is placed above the sink. Empty space can be used to store all the things such as soaps, lotions, etc. while directly below it is very suitable space for storing towels. If there is enough empty space, rather functioned to store boxes and storage containers.