Growing Housing Development plan or Gradual?

plans to build a house

Home renovation can be more expensive than building a new house. It is better to build your own company at the same house. But, for you maybe it was not the right choice. The reason is manifold. For example, insufficient funds or your family is new or small families who do not need more space.

But in the next few years, you are planning to renovate the house alias enlarge the house. What harm you plan carefully from the beginning. So that later it costs quite efficient. What should you look for? The following suggestions and examples may be useful.

First, the design of the house. Make a design house that is compatible to the development of the house into two floors. This means that the design of the house first floor you make, ready to be upgraded to 2 floors, without changing the floor plan or house wall. Better yet, if you have designed from the start and made two versions at once. The version 1 and version floor 2 floor home design.

Second, the structure of the foundation. Make the foundation and column structure of the building is ready for the second floor. Although for now, will only be made one floor.

Third, keep the shape of the roof of the building has not changed, so you can take advantage of the old roof trusses for new buildings.

Fourth, prepare since the beginning of space for the stairs. So, when you are ready to renovate You do not need to sacrifice space on the 1st floor.