How to Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture?

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Currently, occupancy with eco-friendly concept has become a trend in the development of the property. Not only can provide comfort, but also protecting the environment. Here are 7 tips on how to choose eco-friendly furniture in your home. Here’s his review:

1. certified wood furniture

One effort to choose furniture that is environmentally friendly is to know whether the furniture is certified or not. Certified meant to know the origin of the furniture.

2. The furniture is made by utilizing waste

Timber that last a long time means having a good quality. Some green-minded designers trying to utilize wood waste.

This timber comes from old furniture that still survive, remnants of industry, as well as former timber submerged beneath a river or lake when sent to slaughter through the flow of the river.

This is an example of efficiency while maintaining natural resources.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo can be an alternative to wood for furniture. Bamboo, which belong to plant grasses, flexible enough to be shaped into a lot of things.

In addition, because of the nature of rapid growth, mostly bamboo grows wild even without the protection of poisonous pesticides.

4. The furniture is made from recycled metal

Next is furniture made of metal have been recycled. Metal recycling process does require mechanical treatment and the course must be certified.

In the United States, for the furniture industry made from recycled metal required C2C certified (Certified Credle to Credle) issued by the specialized agencies named Herman Miller and Steelcase. With this certificate is expected to provide security for the health of consumers

5. The furniture is durable and easy to repair

The furniture is durable and easy to repair is a powerful way to choose furniture that is environmentally friendly. Furniture durable is the type of furniture that is easily dismantled to be reinstalled as needed.

6. The furniture from antique materials

Choosing furniture from antique materials is the best way and invest high. Typically, the antique furniture of material is stronger and thicker. That would be more durable.

7. Furniture purchased from the local market

If you use imported furniture, do you wonder how much fuel is used only for the delivery process? How much of the air pollution that is created just to send it?

Therefore, by purchasing furniture from a local market, you help protect the environment.