How to clean clothes are exposed paint

cleaning clothes

Clothes risk of paint while painting a house. When doing the painting, it is advisable to wear ugly clothes are ready to be discarded, because the paint-splattered stains tend to be difficult removed.

However, not a few people who forgot or still wearing nice clothes when painting a house. If it is stained, you also complain if the clothing should be discarded or cleaned. Moreover, if the clothing is one of the so beloved.

You may be disappointed with the number of products that claim to remove stains, but it was not working properly. If this is your experience, then do not worry and dispose of used clothing. How to remove affected clothing paint easily in the following pages!

Method 1:

If the paint is water-based, it is easier to clean water as well. When clothing stains of paint, take it to the water faucet. Stream of tap water to the stain until it disappeared. To make it back clean, use a soft brush. Paint stains should be cleaned immediately before it dries.

Method 2:

Remove the stain with alcohol, such as isopropyl alcohol or hairs spray containing alcohol. Spray on the paint drying on clothes, then gently rub or dub. Spray back to the paint stains off and his clothes back clean.

Method 3:

You can also use nail polish remover to eliminate paint stains on clothing. The material is not only just to remove nail polish. Nail polish remover can also work for other paints, such as latex and so on.

Method 4:

Stoddard organic solvent can also remove paint on clothing. These are materials used in painting and decorating. Stoddard solvent worked in paints, varnishes, lacquers, wood preservatives, aerosol and asphalt products.

Method 5:

Methylated spirits also effectively removes paint spots on clothing. Denatured alcohol is a mixture of ethanol and methanol. Apply the material into a stain on clothing, then brush gently.

Method 6:

If the clothes are exposed to white paint, can be cleaned with an enzyme product. Eg whitening products are based enzymes. Soak the garment in cold water or normal. Do not use hot water because it will deactivate the enzyme. Likewise with chlorine water that can inhibit enzyme activity.

Method 7:

Soap or detergent to stain the paint is not dried up. Such products can remove paint on clothing with soap and brushed gently. When difficult to disappear, repeat the procedure and soak clothes in cold water. Then enter and leave the detergent before washing.

Method 8:

Paint stains on clothes dried tends to be more difficult to clean. That is why you should immediately removal. But if already dried up, you can use the product Sav-A-Brush. The product can facilitate dissolving the paint, even thick ones. However, its use should be careful, follow the instructions and do not expose the skin.

Method 9:

Other cleaning agents paint stains are quite popular is Oops. Remover for all the stains on clothes. However, side effects can damage the fabric fibers. Therefore, before use, apply first to a damp cloth and rub the cloth to the stain on clothing.