How to Cleaning Toilet Seat

cleaning toilet seat

The comfort of a bathroom is often judged on cleanliness. Bathrooms including one room in the house. Has a function as a place for bathing, waste water, the situation has to be clean and healthy.

In the bathroom there is a bathtub, toilet, sink, shower if necessary, clothes hangers, and others. the varying needs of the bathroom can be selected according to the model of your home. Including the toilet which had been always known there was a toilet seat and squatting. But now more and more sitting toilet version selected. It’s a little difficult in care but can make an impression your bathroom into a modern look. Note care of your toilet seat properly.

Toilet Sitting function

Talking about the function of a toilet would have understood. As a place to urinate and defecate. Each time you finish using the toilet seat you then have to be cleaned by means of flushing until clean.

Health Toilet Bathroom Sitting

As a place to pee, let alone sit, certainly after each use must be cleaned. Because parts of the body will be attached to the toilet seat. If the toilet is used for people at home, it should always be clean and healthy. Seen in less than a month there are some parts of the toilet seat yellowed. If it is found then immediately clean before permanent. That is also the reason why you should always clean the toilet seat every time you use. That dirt is not much buildup.

Proper cleaning

In cleaning toilet seat is not bothered. As long as you always keep starting from scratch usage until a certain time, the dirt that settles in the toilet is not too much. Every two weeks minimum to clean parts of the sides of your toilet seat. In addition to using well water using a special brush toilet. Do not forget to use a special soap toilet cleaners. Brush each side of the toilet seat you thoroughly.