How to get the paint more durable bathroom


Generally, especially in Indonesia, the bathroom walls are usually covered with ceramic tiles, natural stone, exposed concrete, stone slabs, wallpaper to paint. Election according to taste and can be applied in part or all of the bathroom wall.

Of the several layers of the wall, the painting is the most common and popular applied. However, the use of paint in the bathroom pose many risks, such as the paint is damaged due to mold, peeling paint, the color fades and so on.

This happens because the condition of the bathroom which tends to damp and constantly exposed to hot steam and water flow. It’s important to keep the bathroom paint for durability.

If you use the paint as the bathroom wall coatings try to notice some of the following guidelines. There are four ways that can be applied to the bathroom painted partially or completely, so that the paint used durable, among others:

1. Good air ventilation

Strip the passage of air or ventilation is very important if you want to paint the bathroom durable. If ventilation is not good to make the bathroom so humid and spoil the look of the paint. Whether it’s moldy walls, peeling paint and so on.

The window in the bathroom itself could wear open window or exhaust fan. One type of fan that could help to reduce the steam and condensate after bathroom use. Exhaust fans can be used approximately 1 hour after taking a shower.

2. Quality Paint

Selection of the type of paint is also important to make paint durable bathroom. Choose quality paint that can be applied in the shower, waterproof, mildew, and others.

Paint itself can be applied wholly or partly on the bathroom wall. For example, the area around a window or other surface that is normally used as a storage shelf.

3. Lighting right

Bathrooms need natural and artificial lighting that is appropriate to maintain the condition of the paint remains good. Likewise with the overall look of the bathroom.

The precision of the incoming light means no shortage or excess. Excessive exposure can show the fault painting, made hotter temperatures and the risk of making the paint was chipped. While the low light makes the bathroom more humid, dingy and make the paint easy to mold.

4. Using gypsum

When dry concept bathroom, it helps to use gypsum for wall coverings. Choose a moisture resistant gypsum board stronger, than the usual board.

The use of gypsum need to pay attention to the correct installation. Do not let the sanding process leaves a different texture. If necessary to do the finishing level 5. Besides, do not forget to enhance gypsum angle for best results.