How to Remove Stains Mud On Clothes

clean stain

Stain attached to the clothing is irritating, especially for those who wash the clothes. Especially if you have small children who often contaminate clothing when playing in the school or outside the home.

There are several forms of stubborn stains, one mud stains. Especially in the rainy season, easily the mud stains on clothing worn, especially if the clothes are white.

Remove the stain of mud as it was not easy. Though it was still nice clothes and to wear again. For that, you need to know the technique of washing the mud stain is good and right.

Consider the following tips to clean mud remove stains on clothes!

1. Dry the First Stain

If the stain of the mud is wet, then dry it first. Do not try to wash clothes when the land was still clinging wet clothes. Because it will only spread the stain into the fibers of clothing in many parts.

Well, after the dirt is completely dry, then you get rid of it first with a vacuum cleaner or brushed with a toothbrush and a small brush slowly. Only after that, you can begin to wash.

2. Use Liquid Detergents

The next thing you need to do is wash them use some liquid detergent. Pour a few drops of detergent on the stain. Then, rub the stain with your thumb and forefinger.

Add a few drops of water and continue to rub the stain in a circular motion, or you can use a toothbrush to rub. This process needs to be repeated until the stain is completely gone.

3. Wash Hand

However, for mud stains that have permeated into the inside of the clothes will be very difficult to clean. To get rid of the stain, you can wash it by hand. Clean the outside and inside underwear. Use a brush to scrub stains from clothing.

Once you see is clean enough, then you can begin to wash detergent appropriate user guide. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the fabric care guidelines that exist in every detergent product to help maintain the quality of the clothes.