Minimalist Home Design For The Narrow Land

home design for narrow courtyard

Having a small house with limited land, it makes some people difficulty in designing or renovating to make it look more spacious.

Actually not too difficult to arrange a small room in a small house in a narrow land at a low cost. Here are some ways that you can follow so that your small house look big, roomy and comfortable

1. The high roof

If your space is limited breadth of the roof design to make your small house is higher in order to give the impression of a more spacious room because of the ample space upwards.

2. Reduce Bulkhead

A divider between the room can make a home feel not roomy. For that, you can reduce the use of insulation.

3. Light

A bright room may be one way that the room looks more spacious. Then, design your small house with room lighting is bright enough.

4. Bright colors

House paint, the color of the curtains or furniture should use bright colors. White color on the walls can be one option for the narrow room. Or if you want to use the wallpaper on the walls, choose wallpaper with a small motif.

5. Large windows

In order for a broader view, you can use a large window at the front of the house. Thus, residents can see a large area outside the house as easily as a garden or street. This will give the impression area.

6. Mirror

The use of mirrors is most often used to give the impression of the room. With the mirror, as if you have a room that is twice as large as the reflection.

7. Choose the Right Furniture

Choosing furniture such as chairs, tables or shelves must be adapted to the design of tiny houses. Due to the limited of the room, choose furniture that is simple and small in size. Then try to choose furniture with paint color that resembles the color of your house. In addition to saving space, this also can make good agreement with the size of the room. Color that resembles paint will make a wider impression.

8. Multi Function Room

To get around the house in order to meet existing functionality, make it into a multi-function room. For example, a guest room that also serves into the family room. This will make the room bigger if the merger of several rooms at once.

9. Use Empty Space

You can use every part of your home that is empty. For example the area under the stairs, usually empty. You can put your various equipment and tools in the area under the stairs.